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    7 Most Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

    Because you won’t cut corners, right?

    Here's how you can celebrate the Valentine's Day in the most fun and romantic way

    Options are plenty. But too many choices can leave you confused. It’s easy to get swayed and lose your mind trying to pick the most romantic things to do to on Valentine’s Day. Stop fretting and start looking at making this holiday of love a special celebration with your significant other. You need to stop looking elsewhere as we have got you the most exciting Valentine’s Day celebration tips that will suit your style – whether it’s extravagant or frugal, low key or grand, sweet or sassy.

    1. Mark it as a ‘Rest and Recreation Day’

    That Valentine’s day is all about grand gestures, is just a sweeping generalization. For those who like it quiet and subtle, this holiday of love is your day to take a short halt from the daily regimented life. Make rest and recreation as the order of the day. Tuck in the bed, oversleep, wake up to an unhurried day ahead. Say sweet nothings to each other, catch a movie on a laptop, get some pizza home delivered and stay close to each other. Make it that day of the year, when you steer clear of all the day to day hassle to be truly there with your beloved. Quality time is a luxury, make the most of it this Valentine’s Day.

    2. Fix heart-shaped goodies for breakfast in bed

    Sounds cheesy to some, but morning mush is not outdated as yet. Go big on an obscene display (as some may call it) of the candyfloss romance by baking your partner a heart-shaped cake. Alternatively, you could also fix an easy breakfast quiche and cut it in a heart shape. Up the romance quotient by feeding your sumptuous spread to each other. Works best for even those who don’t have killer culinary skills, a sincere attempt to fix a french toast totally qualifies.

    Fix a heart shaped meal for him

    3. Go grand with the works: Wine, luxe chocolates, and flowers

    For those who like to woo their partner with grand gestures, now is the right time to bring it on! Go big on picking up her favorite flowers and gift her some decadent select boxes of chocolates that you can hand feed her later. Round up the date with free-flowing booze, preferably a wine that reflects your refined taste and gives you both ample time to talk your heart out to each other.

    Round up the date with free-flowing booze, preferably a wine that reflects your refined taste

    4. P.S. I Love You – Write him a love letter

    Nothing beats love letters when it comes to romance. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day, to sum up, all the reasons that make you fall in love over and over again with your partner. Put all of it in a heartfelt love letter. It can be a heartfelt rendition of all the milestones reached together. Simple yet heart rendering effort to light the flame of love. Don’t forget to end it with the romantic P.S. I Love You. Watch your love interest glow with the warmth of love and grace as she reads on.

    Nothing beats love letters when it comes to romance

    5. Tug at her heartstrings with a song

    Whether you are the girlfriend or the boyfriend, singing to your partner is going to stack you up some serious brownie points. You don’t need to hit the right notes or set the right mood to serenade your partner. Make it a spontaneous act, catch them by surprise when they are least expecting it and sing it out to the best of your capacity. Choose an evergreen song that is not too challenging and is a constant on their playlist. It will bring a luminous smile to their face, instantly. Truly gratifying for you, right?

    6. Revisit the memory lane together

    Let history repeat itself. It’s time to reminisce about all those lovely memories you built together. Go to the rooftop bar where you had your first drinks together. Revisit places where you left your imprints, had crazy laughing bouts, shopped till you dropped or even had your first deep talk. Recreate the old memories with a new twist. Even taking a relationship check-in at one of those places could be an interesting add-on and an enriching exercise.

    7. Be his masseur

    You don’t need expert masseuse skills to calm down your man’s frayed nerves. This Valentine’s Day gear up to give a delightful experience to your partner, with some calming body massage. Grab a bottle of a fragrant body oil, slather it indulgently and don’t stop at anything short of a relaxing and yet stimulating body massage. Your man will any given day pick it over a day in the spa, as it helps the two of you to reconnect at a different level of intimacy altogether.

    This Valentine’s Day gear up to give a calming body massage to your partner

    Final Thoughts:

    We have got you covered on almost everything exciting that you could possibly do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner – romantic, conventional and even unusual.

    This should serve as a roadmap to help you make the most of Cupid’s holiday. You can always add your own twist to impress your SO (Significant Other) on V-Day with a motley of romantic things and activities to do. Let your imagination soar high!

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