Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

You never want to find yourself scrambling to make plans on Valentine’s Day. You need to go in with a few creative Valentine’s Day ideas and put those ideas into action. February 14th is surrounded by so much positivity so treat the day as an anything’s possible kind of day and live it to the fullest. You’re in love and have a person to spend the day with so the sky’s the limit. Here are ten Valentine’s Day ideas for couples that you must try. Whether you want to lead with your emotional foot, are looking for fun, want to relax or just try something new, this list has you covered.

A rose for each year spent together

Valentine’s Day ideas should create more than a moment. Rather, aim for a tradition that can be done every year. Instead of going for a bouquet, give your love a rose (or other favorite flower)for each year you are together. Doing so makes Valentine’s Day a true celebration of the relationship. Once the flowers die, preserve the dead flowers and use them to create a lovely keepsake. You can press and seal them into a scrapbook, turn the flowers into a fragrant potpourri or a piece of art/wall décor.

Rose for each year - Valentine’s Day ideas

Go on a camping date (In the backyard)

As your spouse/significant other is at work or running errands, set up a tent in the backyard, lead a trail of rose petals to the tent and text him/her to follow the trail upon their return. Before you expect them back, have the tent of love ready to go and add a few extras to create a stunning presentation. Cover the floor with more rose petals, add a few lanterns for light, a blanket and have a delicious meal waiting.As for what’s on the menu, you can’t go wrong with your partner’s favorite dish accompanied by a decadent chocolate dessert.

Serenade your sweetheart

This is one of those heartfelt Valentine’s Day ideas for couples. Whether you are a great singer or not, it is the thought that counts, not the quality of the vocals. To make your serenade a success, pick the right song, find the perfect location and once it’s time to sing, just go for it. You can make it a solo act or there is the option of making an even bigger impact by getting a few friends to help. Extra voices and instrumentals can’t hurt. They only add to the performance.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance. Instead, volunteer and devote time to a worthy cause. Chances are, one of the reasons you are with your love is because of their good heart so pick an organization that matters to you both and make arrangements to help out. Feed the homeless at a mission, volunteer at a hospital, an organization for at risk children or spend time at an animal shelter. Spending time together doing a good deed is a great way for couples to bond. Better yet, it displays the good in your partner’s soul. Nothing is more precious than that.

Sexy texts

Valentine’s Day is the day to ignite romance as well as passion. One way to encourage some passion play is exchanging sexy texts throughout the day. There is no reason why you can’t build up to what your sweetheart can expect in the evening. That is going to make your time together even better. Tease what lacy number you’ll be wearing, what you have in store for him/her and allow the excitement to build. Put your phones to good use and once he/she does get home, loosen up and offer your warmest welcome.

Valentine’s Day

Spend time in nature

Use Romanticism as your guide and spend time in nature with that special someone. Rather than just walking around holding hands, read poetry aloud, paint or write love letters to one another. Nature is inspiring and expressing one’s feelings surrounded by all that beauty creates a very memorable and romantic experience in an environment that allows couples to connect on a deeper level.

Enjoy a spa day together

Men often act like they do not enjoy the spa but they do. Life is hectic and one amazing way to spend V-Day is unwinding. Book a couple’s massage, pedicures and facials (once he gets relaxed he will be open to all the pampering offered). Once the services are done and the two of you are relaxed, don’t forget about the other amenities like the jacuzzi and sauna. To make this lazy day together even more special, get out of town and go to a hotel with a spa. Why not turn a spa day into a full on getaway?

Recapture your youth

It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 65, we all have some youth to recapture. Teenage days were so exciting and young love was so much fun, wasn’t it? Act like teenagers again and spend a romantic day together like you would with one of your loves in high school. This approach to Valentine’s Day is really fun, lighthearted and refreshing (especially for those that live demanding lives). Ah, young love.

Candlelight breakfast

Candlelight dinners always go over well but what about breakfast? This is an uncommon direction but is a great way to start the day. Set the table, place a vase with flowers in the center, light a few candles, keep the curtains closed and cook an elegant breakfast.

Candlelight breakfast - Valentine’s Day

Pop the balloons

Fill balloons with loving messages or even better, things you love about him/her, blow them up and fill a room with them. This can be their office, the bedroom, closet or have a bunch of balloons delivered with a note (and needle) that reads, “Pop the balloons for a special surprise”. Along with love notes, put candy and other small gifts into the balloons.More creative Valentine’s Day ideas include heart shaped confetti and rose petals. This idea is romantic, playful and interactive.