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For a number of couples across the world, falling in love and saying “I do” remains the easy part. Living happily ever after though takes a whole lot of work. All marriages, at some point or the other, may need a little help. In time, couples may discover that they are unable to communicate with each other or completely incapable of overcoming their various shortcomings – ranging from anger management to infidelity. At such times, seeking the advice of counselors, can help you understand core problems, can be a wise decision.

This section contains advice on marriage problems by professionally certified marriage counselors and therapists. Find articles that can help with marriage problems of all kinds, including minor to critical marriage issues. Information in this section will help married couples identify the cause and implication of their marital problems and what course of action they can adopt to solve them.

Some marriages, however, are beyond saving. Sometimes marriage problems aggravate to the extent that divorce or separation is inevitable. This section also has advice for people who are are moving forward with divorce and those who are suffering from broken marriages.

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