Do You Have Regular Date Nights?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 54
Do You Have Regular Date Nights?
Dating – isn’t that something that just new couples do? No, of course not! Some couples go out for dates just at the beginning of their relationship while others keep doing it even if they have been married for decades. Dating regularly means reconnecting often, relaxing together, forgetting about daily chores and feeling special. So, do you enjoy regular date nights? Take this quiz to find out

Questions Excerpt

1. What pastime activities do you have together?

A. Dance classes

B. Cooking classes

C. Shopping

D. Spending time at home

2. You are new parents. What is your dream right now?

A. Going out on a date together again

B. Having a walk together

C. Getting more rest

D. Just spending time with the baby and that's all

3. The weather is really bad and you don’t feel like going out. How do you spend your evening?

A. We have a picnic — on the kitchen floor!

B. We play trivia

C. We invite over some friends

D. We watch TV

4. What was the most memorable date you’ve ever had?

A. Every date is memorable

B. Kissing on top of the Eiffel tower

C. Going for a boat ride

D. Dancing together

5. It’s a work day and your partner is asking you on a date, right now. What is your answer?

A. Just wait until I put my shoes on

B. Let me get prepared for a couple of hours

C. Let's leave it for the weekend!

D. Are you out of your mind?

6. What is a good reason not to go out on a planned date?

A. Just an emergency can make us give up on it

B. Health problems

C. Bad weather

D. Laziness

7. Your best friends offer to stay with your kids so you can go out together. What is your answer?

A. Perfecto!

B. Not a bad idea

C. Maybe

D. Thanks, but no

8. Your partner suggests you should buy a new dress. What could be the reason for saying this?

A. He is planning to take me out on a date!

B. We need to go to an event

C. He just wants to pamper me

D. My old dresses don't fit me anymore

9. You need to go shopping for groceries but also want to spend time together. What is the solution?

A. A farmers' market date

B. Being super organized and still having time left for the date

C. Going on a date another day

D. We definitely don't have time for a date

10. What would you like to do when you retire?

A. Go out with my partner more often

B. Travel more

C. Take care of grandchildren

D. Just rest and do nothing

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