Deepen Your Connection

When people get married, their relationship has passion and chemistry. But when the excitement begins to wear off, pollution begins to seep in. Resentment, anger, irritability and frustration penetrate which can seriously damage a relationship. Here building a deep connection, a solid emotional bond is necessary. Deep connection can be established through love, trust and care.

Meditation For Forgiveness

There is latent shame behind the anger and stress you experience. You need to let go of this shame in order to live your life to the fullest. Release shame...
Posted by: Eileen Fein

Meditation With Experience Sharing - Pathway To Healthy Relationship

Sharing experience is an important part of any healthy relationship. In this guided Breathwork meditation you will use your breath to break through resentments...
Posted by: Eileen Fein

Meditation For Renewing Love In Relationships

In this guided Breathwork meditation you will use the power of your breath to breakthrough resentments and renew the love you have as a couple.
Posted by: Eileen Fein

Meditation For Creating Intimacy

Intimacy is the closeness shared between couples that strengthens their relationship. But, with roadblocks such as arguments, followed by anger and resentment,...
Posted by: Eileen Fein

How To Keep Intimacy Alive When Your Relationship Is On The Rocks

Keeping intimacy alive when your relationship is going through a rough patch can be difficult. In this video check out 3 simple ways to reignite intimacy...
Posted by: Crystal Rice

What Is The Secret To A Happy Marriage?

Instead of ignoring and brushing your woes under the carpet, you can make your marriage a happy and a long-lasting affair. How can you ensure that you...

Exploring The Dangers Of Pornography

Pornography has a significant impact on individuals and on couple relationships. This video explores this impact from a clinical point of view, while addressing...
Posted by: Eric Gomez

The Effects Of Emotional Reactivity On Relationships

Emotional reactivity can do great damage to dating or marital partnership. This video explores the importance of slowing ourselves down emotionally by...
Posted by: Eric Gomez

Four Tips For A Healthy Relationship

How can you maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your partner? If you feel bored within your relationship, then that is a sign that you need...
Posted by: Malyka Cardwell

Premarital And Marriage Workshops

Learn about Mary Kay Cocharo's two exciting workshops: one for engaged couples wanting to Start Right and Stay Connected; the other for couples who've...
Posted by: Mary Kay Cocharo

More Communication May NOT Be What Your Relationship Needs

Trish Alderman talks about why MORE communication isn't necessarily a good thing in your relationship, how quality matters more than quantity, and...
Posted by: Trish Alderman

Taking Care Of Yourself

Loving and taking care of yourself can actually benefit your relationship! It takes two healthy partners to make a relationship thrive...Do not think of...
Posted by: Christine Wilke