What Is The Most Inspiring Quote For You This Valentine?

8 Questions | Total Attempts: 24
What Is The Most Inspiring Quote For You This Valentine?

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you like poetry?

A. Nope

B. It's my favorite past time, writing poems

C. Sometimes, like Ernest Hemingway's poetry

D. The classic poems

2. What is love to you?

A. A mysterious feeling.

B. Expensive.

C. When opposite genders are attracted to one another.

D. I don't know.

3. Can you describe the face of your last date?

A. Sweet face like a sleeping angel.

B. I can't recall because it was 5 years ago.

C. Charming like a Prince.

D. Like a stinking pig. That was awful.

4. In which country would you like to live and get married?

A. The Irish land

B. Any of the oriental countries

C. I think Dubai

D. In the land of stripes and stars, America

5. Which famous philosopher inspires you the most?

A. Leonardo da Vinci and his Mona Lisa.

B. Socrates I think.

C. I don't know any philosophers.

D. Oprah Winfrey, if she's considered as one.

6. Do you love broadway musical?

A. I've seen Phantom of the opera.

B. I am not into drama.

C. I was crying in Les Miserables.

D. Any of Shakespeare's work.

7. What is your favorite musical instrument?

A. Piano and harp.

B. I guess none.

C. Guitar and other string instruments.

D. Flute or a piccolo.

8. Are you currently inspired by someone?

A. My parents.

B. Yeah I guess by my crush.

C. With my ever dearest fiance.

D. I am currently crying. Not inspired.

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