Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s day date night ideas

If you’re lucky, Valentine’s Day means date night! It is only right to go out with that special someone on the most romantic day of the year. Having a date set up with your spouse or main squeeze is awesome but the challenge is deciding where to go. Valentine’s Day dates should be special and go beyond the basic dinner and a movie. If you are in need of a few Valentine’s Day date night ideas, look no further. Below are ten ideas that are sure to set the setting for a lovely evening.

First date redo

Go back in time and relive your first date. Going back to where your love story began minus the nerves is so nostalgic and allows new memories to be created. The two of you are not only given the opportunity to reminisce and experience that first date again but have the chance to get each other’s perspective of the date. The best way to approach this date idea is presenting it as a surprise. Set everything up, recreate and have a good time. Arranging this is such a sweet gesture that shows how much you value the relationship.

First date redo

Romantic drive

Romantic drives are amazing. They are so intimate and there are so many ways to approach this date idea. You can drive to the Lover’s Lane in your area to spend an evening alone under the stars (or in the backseat), take a drive around the city to look at the beautiful lights or if there’s one nearby, head to a drive in movie to watch a great film, cuddle and enjoy whatever else the night brings.

Night club anyone?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get a little wild. Go out, dance the night away, have a few drinks and live it up! Nothing can compare to letting loose with the person you adore. A change of scenery is good every once in a while. The blaring music and lively surroundings are electric.

Role play

This is like a few Valentine’s Day date ideas rolled into one. You get to go out, be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone while connecting with your partner and trying out your acting skills. For couples looking to mix things up, both can develop a character, pick a setting and go with the flow from there. To end the night just right, go all out and book a hotel room.

Spend the night in bed

You don’t have to leave your home to turn your Valentine’s Day date ideas into reality. To get ready for the romantic night ahead, get a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and luxuriously soft sheets. Once the details are taken care of, get comfortable.

Spend the night in bed

A cooking class

Food and cooking together is very sexy and romantic. You get to be close, feed each other and senses are heightened because of the delicious food. Try taking a couple’s cooking class on Valentine’s Day. During such classes you learn to cook a meal and then sit down to it at the end. Even if it comes out terribly the two of you can have a good laugh.

Attend a burlesque show

These shows are the perfect combination of sexy, classy and campy. They allow the audience to go back in time and experience this multifaceted and very interactive form of entertainment. Most only know of the risqué aspect but in addition to the sensual beauty, shows include satire comedy along with musical and vaudeville acts.

Check out the art scene

Intellectual exchange builds attraction, especially for couples that highly value that trait. For those that really enjoy art and talking about the meaning and concept behind a piece, consider checking out an exhibit or spend an evening exploring art galleries in the area. Not only does this present the opportunity to discover new artists but it helps build up to a steamy night at home. There is just something about the night air, art and stimulating conversation.

Check out the art scene


Classic film, steak and wine

For couples wanting to go the cozy route, pan sear a few fillet mignons, open a bottle of wine, put on a classic romance film and get comfy. Classic romance films are much more entertaining than more recent releases. The acting is superb, the cinematography is eye catching and the story lines go beyond the romantic connection between the two leading roles. As for the steak and wine, the attention is in the details, right?

Go on a culinary adventure

Dinner is always nice but to make dinner much more exciting, split each course among a few eateries of your choosing. Restaurant hopping is tons of fun and you don’t have to decide where to eat. Start with one restaurant for the appetizers, move on to the second eatery for the main course and then choose a place to have dessert.

Go on a culinary adventure

The Valentine’s Day date night ideas provided will help take the stress out of deciding what to do. Before making a selection, have a discussion with your significant other or start putting a plan in motion if you want to make evening plans a surprise. Also remember that ideas for Valentine’s Day are simply ideas. The execution is what counts. You are spending a lovely evening with an equally lovely individual. Take it all in, be romantic, and do your part to create a memorable date night.