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When we think of physical intimacy, we immediately think about sensual closeness or sex. Of course physical intimacy is all about the sexual act but there’s a lot more to it than just this. Intimacy includes a range of behaviors such as hand-holding, kissing, as well as all day love-making. Enjoying an intimate sexual relationship is extremely important for married couples. This also includes verbal intimacy and affection, without which the relationship may get strained over time.

Most married couples often think that their sex lives will take care of itself. But that can never be the case. Make that an important sex tip for your married life – to take the time out for intimacy and nourish your sexual desires. Also, communicate your sexual preferences to your partner so you both can feel comfortable to experiment and try out new things together.

Another sex advice for married couples is that they need to be creative. Get comfy in the living room or light aroma candles in the bedroom or celebrate your marriage with a bottle of champagne and chocolates. Think of ways that you know for sure will excite you and your partner! If things ever become stale in your marriage, then remember that a boring sex life does not equal a broken sex life. Make intimacy a priority in your marriage and continue to enjoy a wonderful relationship with your spouse.