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Q&A That Will Help You Find the Right Therapist:

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Do I need a therapist?

You do, especially if you’re:

  • Going through a strained relationship
  • Are constantly fighting with your spouse
  • Feel that your relationship is crumbling down

Therapy can help you and your spouse overcome your fears, control your emotions and get a grip on your relationship.

What can a therapist do for me?

A good therapist helps you to become stronger and more aware about yourself. The therapist will listen to your problems individually and as a couple, and help you navigate through the issues that are causing a rift in your relationship.

He/she provides a safe environment for you to discuss your matters openly and offers the best possible solutions. However, note that your therapist cannot do all the work for you. To make the most of your sessions and to achieve the results you want, you must be an active participant.

What do marriage therapists do, exactly?

Marriage therapists work with married couples to either help them handle marital discord or improve their existing relationship. They are trained professionals who can teach couples various techniques to resolve their conflicts and enhance communication.

Typically, a marriage therapist will work with the couple together at first but will eventually work with each individual as well. This helps the person to open up and share their true feelings with the therapist.

Therapists also identify and diagnose mental or personality disorders that could be causing the rift between the couple. Mostly, a therapist will counsel couples on improving relationships, give advice on child rearing, home management, and managing finances to name a few.

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