What Makes You Feel Loved Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 531
What Makes You Feel Loved Quiz
Everyone has one primary and possibly a secondary love language. If you can learn what those languages are, you’ll be much better at making your partner feel loved. Regardless of how you love someone, it’s crucial to understand the difference between how your partner loves and how you want to be loved.  In order to improve your relationship, you can take this ''What makes you feel loved'' quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your age range?

A. < 25 years old

B. 25-30 years old

C. > 45 years old

2. For me, love is ____.

A. Caring and sharing

B. A feeling of contentment

C. Being together

3. What is the best present your partner can give you?

A. A Nice Watch

B. Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

C. Color Series Photo Book

4. In your free time, which leisure activities do you usually choose?

A. Travel around with my loved ones

B. Reading

C. Watching series on Netflix

5. What could your partner do that would make you want to break up with them?

A. When they neglect me or abuse me physically

B. When they work long hours and come home late

C. When they forget my birthday or our anniversary

6. What would be the ideal way for your partner to react when you forget something important?

A. Ask you to forget it and take you on a short walk

B. Call me in their arms and embrace me with their physical touch

C. They would say that '' Not a big deal; it’s easy to forget things.''

7. What's your biggest turn-on?

A. When my partner makes me breakfast in bed

B. When my partner is comfortable just cuddling up with me and watching a movie

C. When my partner gives me a massage

8. If you want to feel a lot better, ask your partner for:

A. A warm hug because feels like the easiest way to forget your troubles

B. Coming home early so you two can have a cozy evening together

C. Bringing you something special and unique

9. What’s your favorite thing your significant other does for you?

A. Leaves me little love notes when they leave for work.

B. Holds my hand and says something like "I care."

C. Decorates the room with surprises and gifts

10. Arguments are an inevitable part of a relationship. The last one happened because of ____________.

A. How my partner doesn’t tell me they appreciate me enough

B. How my partner ignores me when I talk to them

C. How we don’t have enough sex

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