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Pregnancy is that wonderful time when a woman develops an offspring in her womb. For a married couple, this a great time of joy but can also get stressful for both partners. In this section, read tips on how to deal with the many changes that come by, handle stress, eat healthy and keep the love alive with your spouse.  We’ll share expert advice and guidance that will help you have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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Reasons Why Pregnancy before Marriage is Not Necessarily the Best Idea

Sometimes having a baby before marriage happens on purpose, but many times it doesn’t. There are plenty of women who are pregnant …

5  min read

The Important Role of Fathers During Pregnancy

For all those soon-to-be-dads, congratulations on your big bundle of joy that is on its way!  Although it is the …

4  min read

Overcoming Marriage Problems During Pregnancy

Who needs marital problems while pregnant? Preparing to be responsible for a human life is enough to handle. When there …

5  min read

Both parents will be extremely anxious and scared about hundreds of things

Oops!! Dealing with an Unplanned Pregnancy in Marriage

People often connect unplanned pregnancies with those who have not walked down the aisle but married couples can be faced …

5  min read

Risks of Teen Pregnancy and Early Marriage in the U.S.

The good news is that teen pregnancy in the U.S. has been declining since the 1990s. According to the National …

4  min read

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What Is the Best Age to Have Kids?

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Realize your strength and take control

What to Expect Before You’re Expecting

In a 2016 study, It showed that 209,809 US births are from women aged 15-19 with 89% of them out …

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Teach you kids how to express their emotions to you

Find Balance in Motherhood with These Useful Insights

Motherhood.  Sure, balancing everything is an impossibility no matter what.  That is a given. Outside work or job, shopping for …

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Surprise Pregnancy After 40

Surprise Pregnancy After 40? You’re Not Alone

You didn’t think about pregnancy after crossing 40 if your periods have been random. Then surprise, surprise! You weren’t quite …

By Angela Jones

Psychologist| 3  min read

Physical and mental symptoms of depression

What Marriage Problems You May Experience During Pregnancy?

  Pregnancy changes everything about you; your body, the way your brain works, who you are as a person, and …

4  min read

Two Birds with One Stone: Couple Walking

8 Ways to Help You Overcome Intimacy Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings that unique feeling of ecstasy, joy, and wonder of a new life growing within you. The initial euphoria …

4  min read

Reduces stress level

How to Deal with Stressful Relationship During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a glowing phase for many couples alike. This is the time that couples bond and come closer to …

5  min read

Being in a Stressful Relationship While Pregnant and How to Deal with It

Being in a Stressful Relationship While Pregnant and How to Deal with It

Being pregnant is beautiful but hard; being in a stressful relationship while pregnant is even harder. Pregnancy can and often …

4  min read

Relationship breakdown during pregnancy happens more often than what is thought

Relationship Breakdown During Pregnancy – Causes and Ways to Deal with It

Relationship breakdown during pregnancy happens more often than what is thought. Pregnancy is usually presented to us via media, commercials, …

4  min read

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