How to Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

Tips and Advice for Saving a Marriage

Marriage is certainly not easy. When one encounters a couple who’s made it to 10, 15, and 30 years together, you know you’ve met someone who’s fought, compromised and stayed committed to one another through a lot. There’s a lot to learn from such couples. How were they able to solve their differences and save their marriage from falling apart for so many years?

How should you save your marriage?
Most marriages don’t fail due to big issues. Often couples split over small things, especially after the minor things add up. By being self-aware and making little changes in your behavior and personality at the right time, you can not only save your marriage but drastically improve it as well. Saving a marriage that is troubled requires honesty, changes in behavior, and a willingness to practice forgiveness. Couples must also seek help from therapists, clergy, and other professionals skilled in the healing arts – getting professional help is perhaps the best tip to save a marriage!

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If your marriage is on the rocks, you’re probably frustrated, tired and ready to give up. However, instead of negativity focusing on the fact that it’s all over, redirect all your energies on the positives and that you really have a chance at saving your relationship. For example, instead of blaming your partner, recognize your own thoughts, behaviors and regular patterns that are problematic in the marriage and work on changing them. Develop empathy; empathy for your partner and for yourself. It will help you find and keep the love in your marriage. Good luck!

You have to be patient

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By Kiaundra Jackson

Marriage & Family Therapist| 3  min read

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