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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 21
Valentine's Song Quiz
This Valentine’s day, which song will you play?

Questions Excerpt

1. When were you born?

A. 1940-1960

B. 1961-1980

C. 1981- 1999

D. 2000 - year today

2. What kind of songs make you feel like you're in love?

A. Ballad Songs

B. Classical Love Songs

C. Melodrama Love Songs

D. All Love Songs

3. What is your Gender?

A. Female

B. Male

4. Who is your favorite singer?

A. Taylor Swift

B. Justin Bieber

C. Ed Sheeran

D. Bryan Adams

5. Which composer do you find the most romantic?

A. Lionel Richie

B. Bruno Mars

C. Taylor Swift

D. Frederic Chopin

6. What is the status of your heart right now?

A. Lonely, like an empty room

B. Happy, like love birds

C. In love, like there's no ending.

D. Broken, like pieces of glass

7. How do you like the volume of your music?

A. Very Low

B. High

C. Mid

D. Low

8. Do you know who is singer of the Song “My Valentine”?

A. Martina McBride

B. Jim Brickman

C. Celine Dion

D. Whitney Houston

9. Which musical instrument do you love to hear the most?

A. Piano

B. Flute

C. Saxophone

D. Harp

10. Select your best song

A. "Your Love" - Jim brickman

B. "I will Always Love you" - Michael Johnson

C. "I love you goodbye"- Nina

D. "Don't say Goodbye" - Juris

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