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Have a Happier Marriage

Take this online marriage course to learn how to have a happier, healthier marriage and relationship

This online marriage course includes everything you need to know about building a stronger, happier marriage. Every marriage involves challenges, and this marriage course is designed to help you get back on track in your relationship and make it healthier in every way.

What is included in the course?

You will learn about the fundamentals of marriage - the things you need to understand to build a happy marriage. You'll also learn communication strategies, how to build stronger intimacy, and how to navigate financial challenges. Upgrade for bonus features including a Mini-Course: 15 Steps to a Happier Marriage and an eBook.

Who is this course for?

Marriage Course for Couples

This online marriage course was designed for married couples that are struggling to make their marriage work. If you feel disconnected and frustrated about the state of your marriage but want to avoid separation and/or divorce, then this course is an excellent resource to help you make positive change and learn new skills to overcome the most challenging aspects of being married.

Topics covered in the course

This marriage course is designed to help you build a happier, healthier marriage and relationship. In this marriage course, we will learn about having shared goals, compassion, communication, intimacy, and traditions. These elements will help you will build a stronger marriage.

Course Outline

CHAPTER 1: Shared Goals

Marriage Course Chapter 1 - Shared Goals in Marriage

First, we're going to learn about setting shared goals in your marriage. Having shared goals in your marriage creates a strong bond and sense of teamwork. When you share goals, you agree on the most important things that you want for each other and for your marriage as a unit. This marriage course will help you establish your goals as a couple.

CHAPTER 2: Compassion

Marriage Course Chapter 2 - Compassion in Marriage

Having compassion for your spouse will make it easier to handle the ups and downs of marriage. Sometimes we lose compassion for the people with whom we are closest, but this can lead to significant damage to the relationship. Compassion requires acceptance of your spouse for both their strengths and weaknesses. Remember to show your spouse that you care about how they feel and support them through the ups and downs of life. This marriage course will help you rebuild compassion for your spouse, also learn to have self-compassion.

CHAPTER 3: Communication

Marriage Course Chapter 3- Communication in Marriage

Good communication lies at the heart of every great marriage. When couples improve their communication patterns, they improve their whole marriage. Good communication is something couples must practice every day. It requires both partners to pay attention to communication pitfalls, watch what they say to avoid harm, and learn to apologize and ask for feedback. This marriage course will help you learn great communication, a critical element of strong marriages.

CHAPTER 4: Intimacy

Marriage Course Chapter 4 - Intimacy in Marriage

Lots of marriages falter at some point due to low intimacy. Intimacy begins outside of the bedroom, and includes light touches throughout the day, eye contact, and otherwise making sure your partner knows you are thinking about them. Many marriages are strengthened with the act of dating each other. Even though it can feel forced and artificial to set aside time for intimacy, it can make a huge impact on your marriage. This marriage course will help you make time for intimacy in your marriage.

CHAPTER 5: Traditions

Marriage Course Chapter 5 - Traditions in Marriage

Traditions give married couples a shared identity. They strengthen your bond and create structure, stability, a sense of familiarity and safety. Once the wedding is over, many of us forget to continue to seek tradition as a way to solidify our bond to each other. Marriage traditions should be things that you intentionally do regularly with the purpose of signaling your commitment to your marriage. This marriage course will help you set up your own traditions to strengthen your marriage.

Bonus Items

Upgrade to the Expanded Course to receive the following bonus items along with the online marriage course.

Mini-Course: 15 Steps to a Happier Marriage

Mini-Course: 15 Steps to a Happier Marriage

We provide 15 instant fixes to help your marriage get back on track. These 15 steps will help you take immediate action to reconnect with your spouse and build a happier marriage.


eBook: Have a Happier Marriage

eBook: Have a Happier Marriage

In this eBook, you will receive the content from the complete course in a printable eBook that you can review together to help you build a stronger, happier marriage.


Activity: 21 Questions That Will Improve Emotional Intimacy

Activity: 21 Questions That Will Improve Emotional Intimacy

You will receive a printable PDF with 21 questions you and your spouse can answer together to build emotional intimacy in your marriage.

Stronger, Happier Marriages

I was really struggling with my marriage, and this course really helped me with great information and resources


Thank you. I was so happy to learn all the information in this course, and my husband and I immediately put it to good use!



When does the course start and finish?

The course is completely self-paced, so you can start anytime, pause & resume as many times as you want. You can go back and review the course as many times as you like within the course access duration, which varies depending upon what package you opt for.

What is the guarantee you offer?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How do I access the course?

When you register, you will receive an email that provides you with a web link to the course and your access information. When you’re ready to take the course, you simply follow the web link on any device and view the course on your schedule.

Do I need to take this course with my spouse?

It would be wonderful if you can take this course with your spouse, but the course is also set up to be valuable even if only one partner views the material.

How long do I have access to the course?

The duration of access varies from course to course. Please refer to our marriage course pricing page for details.

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