Is My Crush My Soulmate Quiz

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Is My Crush My Soulmate Quiz
You have come across many people in your life. Suddenly you meet your crush and everything turns out extremely well. But, you still need to know, is my crush my soulmate? You could go on a lot of dates and easily figure out they are not the one. You can tell after meeting them for a while. And it is understandable. This doubt is present with greater intensity when dating your crush, that person you always loved. In one corner of your heart, you desperately wish for your crush to be your soulmate. Take this quiz and get the idea of whether or not your crush is your soulmate.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you two share a hobby?

A. We do not share any hobbies

B. Just one hobby

C. We met because we shared a hobby

2. Do you always have a topic of conversation?

A. Always

B. No

C. Yes, but sometimes we don't know what to talk about

3. Do you always have a topic of conversation?

A. Not really

B. Yes, of course

C. I believe that everyone should have their time.

4. How long did you chat before going out on a date?

A. Weeks

B. One year

C. Months

5. What would make you lose interest in them?

A. Distance

B. The differences

C. That there is no more chemistry

6. Is there a reason why you wouldn't want to see them more than one time?

A. I don't want to stop seeing other people

B. I don't think so, when I have time I want to see them

C. No, but I want my space

7. Would you introduce them to your friends/family

A. No, I like them but not sure about this

B. Sure, it's my greatest achievement

C. Sure, I want my people to see my reason for smiling

8. Have you thought about what you would bring to the date?

A. Yes, of course, I know the perfect present.

B. I will not bring anything. If they like me with anything, we should be soulmates.

C. No, I don't know what I should buy.

9. After a day out with them, what happens?

A. They call to discuss how enjoyable the day was.

B. They don’t call for days.

C. You talk, but they discuss random everyday stuff.

10. What is the reason they are your crush in the first place?

A. Because of their physique

B. I have no idea

C. I like their way of thinking

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