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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 6122 | Updated: Aug 20, 2023
 Is My Crush My Soulmate Quiz?

Throughout your life, you've encountered numerous individuals, each leaving their mark. Then enters your crush, a game-changer. The connection feels extraordinary, yet questions linger: Is my crush my soulmate? Time spent together is revealing. It's common to sense misalignment after a series of dates. This uncertainty amplifies when it's your cherished crush. A part of you ardently hopes they're the one. If you're seeking clarity, take our quiz to gauge the soulmate potential of your crush.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you two share a hobby?

A. We do not share any hobbies

B. Just one hobby

C. We met because we shared a hobby

2. How do they make you feel when you're around them?

A. I feel genuinely happy and at ease

B. It's a bit mixed, not always comfortable

C. I'm not sure

3. Do you always have a topic of conversation?

A. Always

B. Yes, but sometimes we don't know what to talk about

C. Not really

4. How do they react when you talk about your passions and dreams?

A. They show genuine interest and encourage me

B. They seem disinterested or change the topic

C. They listen, but it doesn't seem to resonate with them

5. How do you feel about their flaws or quirks?

A. I embrace them; their imperfections make them unique

B. Some of their flaws bother me, to be honest.

C. I'm okay with some, but others can be a bit challenging.

6. How aligned are your life goals and values?

A. We're on the same page, which is exciting.

B. We have some differences but can find a middle ground.

C. Our life goals and values are quite different.

7. How often do they initiate conversations or plans to meet?

A. Almost every time, it feels mutual

B. Rarely, I'm often the one reaching out

C. Sometimes, but I usually take the lead

8. How well do they know you on a deeper, personal level?

A. They understand me in ways others don't.

B. They know some things, but not everything.

C. They don't seem to grasp some important aspects of me.

9. How much do you feel like your true self when you're with them?

A. Completely, I can be myself without any reservations

B. Somewhat, but there are parts I hold back.

C. Not much; I feel a bit stifled or unsure.

10. How much do they prioritize your happiness and well-being?

A. They consistently show that my happiness matters.

B. They care but sometimes overlook my feelings.

C. I'm not always sure if my well-being is their top concern.

11. How do you handle disagreements or arguments?

A. We communicate openly and find solutions

B. We avoid conflict, even if things remain unresolved

C. We tend to argue without really resolving things

12. Would you introduce them to your friends/family?

A. No, I like them, but not sure about this

B. Not now, probably later

C. Sure, I want my people to see my reason for smiling

13. What do you see as the future with them?

A. I can picture a life together, sharing experiences

B. I'm uncertain about how we fit into each other's futures

C. I haven't thought much about a long-term future

14. After a day out with them, what happens?

A. They call to discuss how enjoyable the day was.

B. They don’t call for days.

C. You talk, but they discuss random everyday stuff.

15. What is the reason they are your crush in the first place?

A. I like their aura

B. I have no idea

C. I like their way of thinking

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