How to Be a Good Spouse?

Taking One Day at a Time to Be the Best Spouse You Can

Be attentive, supportive, complimentary; and communicate – these are a handful of essentials that one must remember while being in a relationship.

Marriage is no doubt a tough act to follow

After the whirlwind of romance and rocky relationship, marriage is the real deal. It, obviously, demands certain attention, changes in roles, and responsibilities. The whole point of view takes a spin and everything changes. There are certain expectations that are attached by society and your significant other as well.

Many couples thrive prior to marriage, and just after signing a piece of document that legally binds the two of them, things starts to fall apart.

Usually, people, at those moments, blame the relationship; that it is because they got married that things turned for the worse, whereas the reality is completely different.

What happens is that the responsibility of and the expectations from a husband or wife is quite different than a boyfriend or girlfriend; that being the case, what usually happens is that at times the husband or wife starts to take things for granted. They start to lack in their show of attention or love or just get straight lazy.

This is usually the very first step in the path of destruction or dissolving of a relationship.

However, all is not lost. If you are looking for a cheat sheet of sorts, something to help and guide you in the rocky ravines then fret not and keep on reading.

The following pointers will definitely help you be a better partner 

1. Put yourself in your partner’s shoe, more often than usual

The whole idea of being a partner is to help the other person out when in need.

It is like a tag team. You help the person take whatever they need at the time of desperation.

In such moments, if your partner is being difficult or moody, instead of bulldozing out or having a shouting match, remember that you are supposed to help them recover from whatever problem they are facing.

You are supposed to be their rock, to be able to understand them, care for them, and nurture them at that moment.

Think of yourself in their place; think about what could have triggered the storm. Remember, not everything needs to be said. If your partner has to inform you about their episodes and depression just like a friend or an acquaintance, or a stranger, then why are you in such an intimate relationship? 

2. Choose to be more appreciative of the good

Choose to be more appreciative of the good

Let’s just put it out there, no one is perfect. Chant this mantra in your heart.

Remember that, as cliché as it sounds, people have both good and bad in them, but being an important person in someone’s life, it is the partner’s job to hone your greatness and to discipline any bad vibes or shortcomings.

The thing is that couples complete each other. We, inherently, are incomplete and lack a lot of things; it is only after we meet our significant other that we are whole. But, remember that significant others are supposed to understand our shortcomings and help us complete our being. 

3. Notice them

One very important aspect that generally is present in 99% of the relationships is jealousy.

We need to remember that it is because of the shortcomings on your part as a partner that your significant other feels jealous. If you truly notice them, care for them, love and nurture them, and make them confident of your love and admiration, then there is no way that your significant other will have to revert to jealousy, ever. 

4. Be nice

One of the most important things that’s quite common nowadays is that couples can be quite sarcastic, ruthless, and cunning when it comes to a fight; because they are aware of each other’s shortcomings and weaknesses and drawbacks, they tend to take it all out during fights or arguments.

Remember, fights usually ensue at the time when one of the two is at their lowest, that time is not for brandishing your significant other’s weakness right at their face. Take it all in, try and be there for them; otherwise, what is the point of the whole marriage?