Great Marriage Vows

Marriage Vows

Best Wedding Vows Tips and Advice

Marriage vows are probably the most meaningful words a person says in a lifetime. Weddings are overwhelming and the real reason for the celebration gets lost in the glitz and glamor. It is when you look into the eyes of your significant other and speak your marriage vows you really start to feel what being married really feels like. It is the moment to cherish forever.

Each religious faith has wedding practices — including wedding vows — that have been passed down through generations. They play a crucial role during wedding ceremonies and have deeply embedded meanings and implications. Learn more about the importance of wedding vows before your marriage. Marital vows should extraordinarily special, something that would be wonderful to reminisce.

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9 Popular Verses for Marital Vows in the Bible

Standard wedding vows are an extremely common part of most modern wedding ceremonies; in a typical modern wedding, marital vows …

5  min read

Speak from your heart

Beautiful Vows for the Wedding Second Time Around

It is acceptable today to get married for the second time.  Second marriage happens after the death of the previous …

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30 Modern Wedding Vows You Should Know About

Marriage is a commitment; a relationship with significance. In marriage, two people are connected for better or worse which has …

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10 Steps to Writing Your Own Marriage Vows

10 Steps to Writing Your Own Standard Marriage Vows

Congratulations, you have found someone to share your life with! Getting married is making a commitment legally and publicly for …

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When love requires you to sacrifice

Traditional Wedding Vows from Various Religions

Traditional wedding vows are one of the most significant aspects of a wedding. Although traditions and customs vary from religion …

5  min read

A Guide to Catholic Marriage Vows

Marriage vows have been around for ages—possibly even thousands of years, even before the concept of Christian or catholic vows for …

By Mary Fisher

Writer| 5  min read

Vows for Grooms

Vows for Grooms: A Comprehensive Guide

Soon it is your time. You, as the groom, will publicly share your personal vows with all the guests at …

5  min read

Add humor or few words of surprise

Importance of Creating Personal Wedding Vows

Personal wedding vows are a pledge of life, soul and faith in the other person that defines a life commitment …

5  min read

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Wedding Vows for the Couple with Children to Mark Their Unison

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What Are You Really Saying When You Are Pronouncing Your Wedding Vows

What Are You Really Saying When You Are Pronouncing Your Wedding Vows

All wedding ceremonies are different, but there is one element they all share:  the recitation of wedding vows. Whether classic …

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6 Tips for Writing  Non-Traditional Wedding Vows

The most crucial part of a wedding is the wedding vows. They are a pledge of life, faith, and soul, …

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8 Ways to Strengthen Marriage After Miscarriage

Wedding Ceremony Vows:  Some Inspiration, and Food For Thought!

Whilst a wedding ceremony vow is important and requires thought and commitment (otherwise it’s just words and lip service!).  They …

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How To Write Your Non Religious Wedding Vows

  What’s lovely about non-religious wedding vows is that anything goes. You can make your vows completely personalised to your …

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Beautiful Religious Marriage Vows You Dont Want to Miss

Beautiful Marriage Vows You Don’t Want to Miss

Will you be writing your own marriage vows, or will you be using one of these romantic, beautiful religious marriage …

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Important Facts About Common Marriage Vows

Important Facts About Common Marriage Vows

Traditional wedding vows have stood the test of time historically as a meaningful pronouncement of commitment to one’s chosen spouse. …

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Best Marriage Vows for Your Inspiration

Best Inspirational Marriage and Love Vows For Him

Would you love to write your own vows? But are you unsure how to do it? These beautiful marriage vows …

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Requirements for a Catholic marriage

Sample Roman Catholic Marriage Vows for the Bride and Groom

The Roman Catholic wedding is a Christian ceremony. The couples admit they are committing to each other without doubts or …

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Importance of Marital Vows

Importance of Marital Vows: Why You Should Renew Your Oaths

Marriage oaths are a fundamental part of every marital relationship. Common law partners may not have sworn the marital oath …

By Ayo Akanbi

Psychotherapist, B.Ed. M.Div., MFT, OACCPP| 2  min read

14 Cute Vows To Give Your Marriage Ceremony An Endearing Edge

Marriage vows come in all shapes and sizes these days. Practically anything goes, as long as you are sincere as …

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Romantic Wedding Vows

It is life’s most romantic moment:  tying the knot with the person you love.  Thankfully, you and your fiancé are …

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11 Examples Of Moving Marriage Vows

There is something undeniably moving about hearing two people solemnly commit themselves to one another in the most intimate relationship …

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