Online Relationship Courses for Couples

#1 Relationship Courses for Couples Online

Relationships should be the reason for your smile, not a cause of your distress. Check out these research-based relationship courses that will help clear the air and guide you towards a healthier and happier relationship.

Marriage Course

This online marriage course includes everything you need to know about building a stronger, happier marriage. Every marriage involves challenges, and this marriage course is designed to help you get back on track in your relationship and make it healthier in every way.

Save My Marriage Course

Every marriage goes through ups and downs. Luckily, when you're down, you don't have to stay there! This Save My Marriage Course online will help you restore connection, respect, and love in your marriage.

Pre-Marriage Course

This Pre-Marriage Course includes everything you need to know about building a stronger, happier marriage. The course is designed to help engaged couples or those contemplating marriage to transition into the next phase of their relationship.

What Are Relationship Courses?

Relationship counseling courses online are pre-built counseling resources for couples that focus on scaling up their relationship skills. These relationship courses are designed for both the partners to develop a better understanding of themselves and their partners and cultivate a thriving, conscious, and committed relationship.

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Top Benefits

Online relationship courses come with varied benefits:

  • star

    Better self-esteem

  • Easy to use

    Enhanced relationship skills

  • toxic-rel

    Identification of toxic relationship patterns

  • issues

    Better capability of dealing with issues

  • lightbulb

    Resolution of deep-rooted resentment

  • intimacy

    Improved intimacy

  • globe

    Better understanding of partner's love language

  • handshake

    Better understanding of attachment styles

  • happier_rel

    A happier, healthier relationship

Top Features

Some of the features of our relationship counseling training courses are:

  • Flexible programs
  • Verified, licensed counselors
  • Easy accessibility for long-distance couples
  • Problem-targeted courses
  • Private training
  • Small steps, big results

Stronger, Happier Marriages

I was really struggling with my marriage, and this course really helped me with great information and resources


Thank you. I’m so happy to learn all the information in this course, and my husband and I immediately put it to good use



What is an online relationship course for couples?

Relationship courses for couples are self-paced online relationship classes for couples to help resolve deep-rooted issues between partners and undertake positive improvements in the relationship.

What will I get in a relationship course?

The online relationship courses are designed by licensed therapists and renowned psychologists with the right tools and problem-targeted video lessons, exercises, and skill-sets. Each relationship course contains bite-sized sessions with effective relationship-strengthening tools for cultivating more love and happiness in the relationship.

Are these couple courses suitable for relationships that are struggling?

Absolutely. These relationship online courses are mapped out keeping all relationship problems in mind. You will be able to target the problem with critical strategies taught by relationship therapists and work on those specific areas requiring improvement.

Are these couple courses suitable for relationships that are great but could just do with an extra spark?

Every relationship deserves to scale up from ordinary to extraordinary. Couples are often unaware of the resolutions of day-to-day problems that they are bound to encounter. With best relationship courses, couples will be able to approach a problem with wisdom, empathy, and passion.

Should I take these courses with my partner?

It would be wonderful if you can take these courses with your spouse, but these courses are also set up to be valuable even if only one partner views the material.

What makes courses different from others? relationship courses online are one of a kind because they are a blend of expertise of experienced counselors, carefully crafted exercises, and cheat sheets to clear the differences and feel connected and closer again.