Love in Marriage

Love in Marriage

Expert Tips for Building Love

Paul Tournier, the famous psychologist said, “I’ve been married six times – all to the same woman.” He had shared that he never got divorced, but rather his marriage transitioned from one stage to another. Love and marriage go hand in hand. Love, in a marriage, plays a crucial role and evolves as time goes by. After the initial rush of passion, love strengthens and transforms into an unbreakable bond. In a marriage, love is an action verb, which means you may say it all you want but, it the end, what you do matters the most. Love could mean sharing the house load with your spouse, taking turns to do the dishes, cooking a meal, sharing finances, making sacrifices for the other’s happiness and much, much more. Follow this love tip to crease  out any differences with your spouse that are crumbling the harmony in your relationship. Words can say quite a lot but actions in love make it perfectly clear. This important love advice can go a long way in strengthening your bond with your partner.

One important love tip is that love may not be enough to sustain a “till death do us part” relationship, and while that may be true, without love, there is nothing.

Love in marriage holds the position of utmost importance. While at the beginning of a marriage, both giving and receiving love is effortless, later on, it becomes a tad bit challenging. When things get monotonous and the spark fades, we need some extra help and love advice to find love. Relationship experts share love tips to reignite the lost passion in the relationship. Read bits of love advice and bring back romance into a relationship.


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Companionate Love Dynamics

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Is Love the Most Important Thing For a Happy Marriage

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