Pre-Marriage Course

Build the Foundation of a Loving Marriage

Take the first step towards a happily ever after

This Pre-Marriage Course includes everything you need to know about building a stronger, happier marriage. The course is designed to help engaged couples or those contemplating marriage to transition into the next phase of their relationship.

What is a Pre-Marriage Course?

A pre-marriage course is your private guide to help you transition smoothly into a happy, healthy marriage. Even if you have found the right person, it’s okay to feel anxious about the decision of marriage. The Pre-Marriage Course has been designed to prepare couples for the road ahead by bringing more clarity into what makes a marriage healthy.

This online Pre-Marriage Course for future brides and grooms has carefully designed chapters to help couples like you build better communication, manage the expectations you can have from each other, and transition into this phase to make your relationship stronger with a long-term outlook.

The Pre-Marriage Course will help you gauge your readiness for marriage and unfold marital goals and expectations.

Who should enroll for the Pre-Marriage Course?

Enroll for the Pre-Marriage Course

This course is meant for engaged couples who want to be better prepared and begin this phase of their lives in the best way possible.

If you want marriage help without having to go to couples’ counseling or therapy sessions, this step-by-step online premarital class is recommended to build trust, communication and discuss goals, beliefs, and challenges of marital life.

This Pre-Marriage Course:

Pre-Marriage Course
  • Helps you understand your readiness for marriage
  • Helps you work on your differences
  • Helps you develop communication skills
  • Empowers you to plan the future
  • Lets you manage your expectations
  • Helps you understand the fundamentals of marriage
  • Prepares you for the way forward
  • Helps you build better compatibility with your partner

What does the Pre-Marriage Course cover?

This course is designed by professionals to help you create a roadmap of your life together.
It covers all the essentials for a couple to start and sustain a happy marital relationship, such as: fundamentals of a healthy marriage, management of expectations, setting shared goals, improving communication, and has exercises designed to help you connect better.
With the help of this course, you will enter this exciting, new chapter of your life with confidence, know yourself and your partner better, and nurture your intimacy.

Course Outline

CHAPTER 1: What Makes a Marriage Healthy?

What Makes a Marriage Healthy

If you want to understand the fundamentals of a good marriage, this is the first step.

  • Learn the keys to a healthy marriage
  • Identify the signs of a happy & healthy marriage
  • Understand the power of forgiveness
  • Learn how to build a healthy & blissful marriage

CHAPTER 2: Managing Expectations

Set Realistic Mutual Expectations in Your Marriage

Set realistic mutual expectations in your marriage to avoid chaos & conflict.

  • Learn the benefits of clear expectations
  • Uncover hidden expectations
  • Discuss financial expectations
  • Recognize & talk about potential challenges
  • Resolve expectation gaps

CHAPTER 3: Setting Shared Goals

Setting Shared Goals

Make your relationship stronger by working as a team. These goals will help you remain focused through difficult transitions or situations that cause conflict.

  • Learn how to set shared goals
  • Discover questions to discuss marital goals
  • Identify rules of engagement in marriage
  • Equip yourself with a plan

CHAPTER 4: Great Communication

Learn the skills of effective communication for a lasting marriage

The best marriages are built on open and honest communication. Learn the skills of effective communication for a lasting marriage.

  • Assess your communication with your partner
  • How to respond during a heated situation
  • How to rephrase your apology
  • Know why you must avoid assumptions
  • How to share feedback with your partner
  • Discover magic tips to improve communication
  • Work on a ‘You & Me Journal’

CHAPTER 5: Moving from ‘Me’ to ‘We’

How to Accept the Differences in Marriage

If you want to grow old together, you need to start working together on the relationship.

  • Find out about the keys to success for new marriages
  • Know the importance of independence and self-care
  • Learn how looking inside can help both of you
  • Discuss how to accept the differences in marriage
  • Learn how to forgive and ask for forgiveness
  • Learn how to connect emotionally

Bonus Items

This Premarital Course brings along the following bonus resources:

Transformational Videos

Transformational Marriage Videos

Motivational Talks

Motivational Marriage Videos

Insightful Advice Articles

Insightful Marriage Advice Articles

Recommended Books

Recommended Relationship Books

Happy Marriage Cheatsheet

Happy Marriage Cheatsheet

Marriage Is A Beautiful Journey!

I had been scared about the decision to marry my long time partner. This course walked me through various steps, helped me recognize my problems, and gave practical solutions. Thanks a lot!


Thank you for this course. It was amazing to have such insights before stepping into marriage. The course gave me a lot of confidence and helped me and my fiancé decide the areas of our relationship that we should work on for having a smooth marriage.


Pre-Marriage Course FAQs

What is the Pre-Marriage Course about?

The Pre-Marriage Course is a step by step, practical course, designed to help couples invest in their relationship, build a loving foundation of their marriage, and enjoy a lasting bond.

What can I expect from the Pre-Marriage Course?

The pre-marriage course helps you understand your readiness for marriage, explore the possibilities of your marriage, and learn how to commit to your relationship. You also discover ways to build communication and understand how to effectively take a marriage inventory. Precisely, you come to know of a better understanding of the fundamentals of a marriage and ways to build better compatibility with your partner.

What’s the duration of the Pre-Marriage Course?

The pre-marriage course takes about 4 hours on an average to finish but the actual time taken to complete the program varies from couple to couple. Some couples choose to take it up on weekends, and some take a month or a little more to complete the course.

How do I access the course?

You will get an email with a direct link to your course as soon as you register. Feel free to take the course whenever you want by following the web link using any device and at your own pace.

Can I take up this course on my own or do I have to involve my partner?

The course is designed in such a way that it adds value even if only one partner views the content but it would be wonderful if you can take it with your partner.

How long can I access the course?

Course duration varies based on your pricing plan. Check out our Pre-Marriage Course pricing page - duration is found right under the pricing details for each plan.

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