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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 179
 Is Your Spouse Fun To Be With Quiz?

A great sense of humor is an important quality in a life partner. The reason for this is simple – humor makes life happier. Psychologists have determined a range of benefits of being fun, such as encouraging connection between people, improving memory and learning skills, increasing attractiveness, diffusing conflict, easing the acceptance of new ideas, and building trust. You simply feel better after a good laugh, and having a fun partner to be with increases your chances of a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Take this quiz is your spouse fun to be with to find out if your spouse is making your life more enjoyable with their humor!

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you travel together for leisure?

A. At least once a month

B. Every couple of months

C. Several times a year

D. Once a year or more rarely

2. Would your partner be rather....

A. Go out on a date

B. Go out on a trek

C. Stay at home

D. Go out for a movie

3. What's your partner's idea of fun on the weekend?

A. Staying at home

B. Going grocery shopping

C. Taking a short vacation

D. Planning an adventure sports activity

4. Do you think your partner is as interesting as they were at the beginning of the relationship?

A. Yes

B. They try

C. Not every time

D. No

5. Do you feel excited when you spend time with your partner?

A. Yes, It's fun all the time

B. Mostly

C. When I am not stressed

D. Mostly no

6. Do you have fun conversations with your partner?

A. Yes I do

B. Mostly

C. Not all the time

D. Usually no

7. You partner makes a blunder in front of other people. How do they get out of it?

A. They make fun of themselves and make the audience laugh

B. They smile and continue

C. They behave like nothing has happened

D. They don't — they just sink deeper in it and feel embarrassed

8. You tell a great joke – what is your partner’s reaction?

A. They remain indifferent

B. They roll on the floor laughing

C. They have a good laugh

D. They laugh politely

9. Someone played a prank on your partner � what is their reaction?

A. They enjoy the prank and even have an idea on how to make the situation funnier

B. They laugh a little

C. They don't say anything

D. They get angry

10. What is your partner’s favorite pastime activity?

A. Playing with kids or pets, outdoor activities

B. Hiking or having long walks

C. Reading

D. Watching TV or spending time on their smartphone

11. Your birthday is coming. What are your partner’s plans?

A. I am sure they are throwing a surprise party for me

B. A romantic dinner

C. Spending the day with some close friends

D. Nothing — it's an ordinary day for them

12. How much time does your partner need to get over a conflict?

A. Minutes

B. Hours

C. A couple of days

D. A week

13. It’s a rainy weekend – what activities will your partner propose?

A. Making love all day long

B. Going to see a play or shopping for books

C. Going to the mall

D. Eating in front of the TV

14. When was the last time your partner tickled you?

A. Just moments ago

B. Today

C. Last week

D. Can't remember

15. What does a regular evening look like for you two?

A. Communicating, hugging, spending time together

B. Cooking something together

C. Watching a movie

D. Spending time separately

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