Marriage Infidelity

Infidelity in Marriage

When someone you love betrays your trust, it can feel like an insurmountable hurdle. The pain can be excruciating and you may feel that the marriage is completely over and the trust broken forever. But adopting a slightly different perspective and a little loving attitude, you can battle infidelity and turn things around completely.

The Reasons Why Men Cheat

The Reasons Why Men Cheat

Women are often puzzled by men who cheat. At the same time it is a two-way street: men can’t cheat …
The Price of Infidelity

The Price of Infidelity

Unfaithfulness in marriage is one of the most damaging and heartbreaking hurdles to overcome in pursuit of healing the relationship. …
Why Do Men Have Affairs

Why Do Men Have Affairs?

The absolute answer to the question about why men have affairs is essentially summed up in the idea that either …

How To Stop Having An Affair

If you are in an illicit relationship outside your marriage you’ve probably wondered how to stop having an affair at …
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Infidelity Recovery Stages

Infidelity recovery stages are a form of therapy designed to help you work through the emotional trauma that follows after …
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