What Should I Do For Valentines Day?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 121
What Should I Do For Valentines Day?
Apart from Christmas and new year, Valentines Day is one of our special holidays because on this day we celebrate “LOVE”. But many of us are unsure about what to do on this day. This quiz may help you have some idea on how can you spend your day!

Questions Excerpt

1. What kind of view do you like the most?

A. I like the Sea, I love the sound of the water in the seashore.

B. I love the Sky, I wish I could touch the sky.

C. I enjoy looking in a field full of trees and grass, I find peace in there.

D. A bed of roses or a garden full of flowers

2. The best way to court a woman is- 

A. Sending her a love letter

B. Giving her roses

C. Asking her for a date

D. Taking her out to watch a movie

3. What do you enjoy the best?

A. Going on a date

B. Eating my favorite food

C. Sleeping

D. Reading books

4. What do you think about Valentines? 

A. It's just a normal day for me.

B. It's the 2nd most special day for couples,

C. It's time for chocolates and flowers.

D. It's time to be romantic.

5. Last question, who do you want to be with on Valentines Day?

A. Since I'm single, I guess my friends.

B. Of course my husband/wife

C. My girlfriend/boyfriend

D. My family

6. What is your relationship status?

A. I am Single and ready to mingle.

B. Single but not ready for a relationship

C. I'm in live in relationship

D. I am married.

7. Which word describes your personality the most?

A. Playful

B. Serious

C. Mysterious

D. Romantic

8. Which of the flavors below is your favorite?

A. Chocolate

B. Coffee

C. Strawberry

D. Vanilla

9. What kind of dress will you wear on a date?

A. Short skirt and a tube top.

B. Simple but cute dress.

C. A long red dress.

D. I'm sorry I am a man.

10. If you are a man, Which of these clothes will you wear then?

A. Tuxedo

B. Couple Shirt Jeans

C. Polo Shirt and Jeans

D. I am a woman and I already answered you.

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