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We are keen to receive article submissions from avid writers, bloggers, relationship therapists, coaches, and counselors. Even those who have some experience in love, intimacy, romance, marriage or divorce can share their insights with us.

We are looking for contributors with wisdom, experience, and expertise to offer "ACTIONABLE" ADVICE. The goal of Marriage.com’s content is to provide support for our readers, in whatever they’re interested in or struggling with. We aim to be a trustworthy voice in the digital community.

Our audience is looking for credible content in the form of advice on relationship issues, guidance, and awareness.

If your content helps provide that - you can establish a good reader base here that trusts what you say and comes back for more!

Why Marriage.com

Content is the most effective marketing tool for audience engagement, high click-through rates (CTR), and increased interaction on social media. Marriage.com checks all of these boxes with a huge library of marriage resources and over a million of global readership consuming our content on a monthly basis.

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What You Get

  • A global platform to showcase your voice.
  • Acknowledgment for your unique content and a link to your website or social media handle.
  • A chance to be read by millions of people on our website and social media handles to make a remarkable impact on their lives.
  • Cover topics that matter and get editorial & marketing assistance from us in making your content stand apart.

Some of the Successful Submissions on Marriage.com

Editorial Guidelines

Submit your guest posts as per the guidelines mentioned below:

The Marriage.com Voice

We are "A trusted advisor and expert".

  • We speak with EMPATHY to make the reader feel heard and understood
  • We are RESPECTFUL of the reader’s needs, situation, and intelligence
  • We strive to help by providing INFORMATIVE content to help them in their journey.


There is one voice for Marriage.com, but many tones reflect that voice depending on the scenario. Consider the reader’s state of mind -- are they new to marriage and feeling overwhelmed? Are they feeling settled in and looking for ways to advance the quality of their relationship? Once you have a sense of how your reader is feeling, adjust the tone to match their emotional state.

Important Aspects to Remember

1. Originality

Make sure that your submissions are 100% original. We have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism.

2. The headline

The most important aspect of any article is its headline. Make it catchy, appealing, and short (within 5 to 7 words or under 65 characters, please).

3. Word limit

Your article should explain the topic well. For this, you need to:

  • Search for the top-ranking articles online and cover as much as possible in the article to ensure that it helps the readers understand it well
  • Ensure that it offers a solution instead of just pointing out a problem.

4. Our Golden Rules

These rules define the content we publish. So make sure that your content reflects these to make it a part of our website:

  • Clarity & Ease of Comprehension:

  • If it takes a user more than 5 seconds to understand what the concepts are and what they can expect to learn from the content, it’s not clear enough.

  • Purpose & Specificity:

  • The reader needs to understand the purpose and feel it throughout the piece of content. Avoid anything that feels fluffy and too broad.

  • Engaging & Scannable:

  • Ensure good use of spacing, styling (bold, italics…), imagery/videos, proper titles, subheaders, and section heads that drive the user to think - "I want to know more".

To make the copy easy to read and understand, use multiple subheadings. It provides a better understanding of your article. Keep paragraphs and sentences short i.e., 50 words or less.

5. Credibility

Justify your claims in an article by citing and linking to recent studies, research, or surveys (sources should not be over 5 years old, although exceptions can be there for popular studies that established certain facts or links to popular books).

Here are a few examples of links that can make your article authoritative and credible:

Does Couples’ Communication Predict Marital Satisfaction? - A 2016 study

Marriage and cohabitation in the U.S. - A 2019 survey

Concepts from the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Submitting an article that talks about what therapy or counseling offers? Make sure that either:

  • You are an expert on the subject or
  • You have a quote from a credible therapist/expert on the same.

6. Language

All submissions should be in American English. Also, please refrain from using words or sentences that convey any type of bias or sweeping generalizations.

7. Images

It would be great if you share an accompanying image for your blog post or article. Use a high-quality image that you own or have permission to use. Ideal image size: 804 (height) x 350 (width).

8. Add a bio

Write 2-4 short and crisp lines about yourself. You can link it to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter page as well. This is mandatory as we cannot publish the article without your bio.

9. Link

You can add one link from your author bio. Please note that we do not accept links to gambling sites, adult content, sites selling drugs, and sex toys. We do not publish content related in any manner to such topics either.

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We invite guest posts on the following topics

  • Marriage Communication
  • Marriage and Finance
  • Marriage Fitness
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Marriage Vows
  • Pre-Marriage
  • Marriage Readiness
  • Sex & Intimacy in Marriage
  • Mental Health & Marriage
  • Dating
  • Love
  • Relationship
  • Romance
  • Divorce & Separation
  • Family
  • Parenting & Marriage
  • Pregnancy & Marriage


How soon will my article be published?

Depending on the volume of content we receive in a week and the quality of articles, it can take a few days to maximum 2 weeks for our editorial team to publish your article depending on the level of changes required, which includes our communication with you.

You’ll hear from us if there are any revisions required. In case there’s no reply after 4 weeks, you are free to publish your content elsewhere.

What happens after my article gets published?

You will receive an email notification with a live link of your article.

My article wasn’t published. Why?

The editorial team reserves the rights to publish the content and can choose to reject an article if it is

  • Plagiarized
  • A topic that exists on the website and offers no new insights
  • Irrelevant, does not match our content categories
  • Only talking about a problem with no actionable advice
  • Not matching our editorial standards
  • Talks about gambling sites, adult content, sites selling drugs, and sex toys
  • Purely medical advice. We only need psychological advice on relationships.
  • We do not publish personal stories. Experts may share a brief excerpt of case study only to support their advice in an article.
  • Promotional content (unless it is a sponsored post)