8 Key Characteristics to Build Trust in Your Relationship

8 Key Characteristics to Building Trust in Your Relationship

Trust is the most important factor that contributes to the success of a healthy, meaningful, and loving relationship. It causes you and your mate to grow closer together, increases intimacy, and causes your love for each other to grow stronger. Trust is the foundation in which your relationship should be built on, and without it, the relationship will suffer.

Trust is not automatic

However, trust doesn’t automatically happen, it takes time to develop and you must be willing to work together to build and keep it in your relationship. It’s very important to discuss the meaning of trust with your mate to make sure you know what it means and how it impacts the relationship. Having a discussion will help you develop an understanding about each other and your views about trust.

An atmosphere of honesty

It’s also important to create an atmosphere of honesty when building trust in your relationship, and that starts with making sure you don’t keep secrets, making sure you are aware of each other’s intentions, making sure you both know who you are and that your identity is created based on reality and not fantasy, and making sure your behavior matches your words. How many times has someone told you they loved you, but their actions/behaviors didn’t match their words; this causes confusion and it’s a form of being dishonest, doesn’t create trust, it causes a break down in the relationship, that results in trust not being built.

Understand and define trust

Understanding and defining trust are the keys to developing honest perspectives when it comes to creating a healthy, loving, strong relationship. To help you do that, I’ve come up with three questions for you and your mate to discuss, to help you build trust, to encourage open and honest communication, and to help you learn to ask for what you need and want in your relationship, as well as determine what you will and will not accept. These questions open the door for trust to be built and plays a huge role in keeping trust in your relationship

Be open and honest and don’t be afraid to ask each other each question, take turns listening attentively, if you need to, take notes while you listen to ensure you are hearing your mate correctly, and after listening, repeat back to each other what you heard to ensure you have clarity, and if you don’t have clarity, ask your mate to explain further. These questions will help you become more aware of each other’s perspective. Here goes:

1. What does trust mean to you? This question gives you the opportunity to develop; an understanding of each other’s perspective and it causes you to go deeper with the conversation .

2. What does trust look like in a relationship? This questions gives you an opportunity to create a visual description of trust. For example: keep your word or coming home when you say you are or calling when you’re running late.

3. What are some ways we can work together to develop and increase trust in our relationship? This questions gives you the opportunity to identify and discuss how you are going to build and keep trust in your relationship, and it makes you accountable to each other.

Important characteristics you need

Developing trust in your relationship is not hard, it’s simple and when done sincerely, it helps you create and maintain a healthy and loving relationship. As stated, defining and understanding trust is very important and discussing your viewpoints is key as well, but there are some other important characteristics you and your mate should exhibit, to build trust in your relationship. Both of you should be:

  1. Honest
  2. Faithful
  3. Dependable
  4. Predictable
  5. Consistent
  6. Open
  7. Reliable
  8. Loyal

Trust is the most important foundation and key component to building a healthy, loving, and stable relationship, and you must possess these characteristics. If you’re in a relationship or thinking about being in a relationship, consider the questions and characteristics above.

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