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Best Advice for Going to Couples Therapy

Marriage therapy, also known as couples therapy, is a way to help couples recognize and resolve their marital conflicts and disputes. Using simple techniques, couples can significantly improve their relationship and make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding it or going their separate ways. Several issues such as lack of communication, unmet expectations, financial troubles and infidelity can be tackled with therapy.

Tips for recognizing effective couples therapy

Tips for Recognizing Effective Couples Therapy

On a personal note, I believe that effective couples therapy is invaluable given the many economic and human costs associated …

By Galen Cole

Psychologist, PhD, MPH, LPC, WCP| 12  min read

How to Find the Best Sex Therapist – Expert Roundup

Sexual problems in a marriage are far from being rare, yet a lot of people are apprehensive about talking about …


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Therapeutic Interventions for Cheating

Therapeutic Interventions for Cheating – A Detailed Insight

The difficult thing when it comes to selecting therapeutic interventions for cheating is that the dynamics of the whole situation …


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Get your spouse evaluated and diagnoses as quickly as possible because this is critical

How to Find the Best Therapist- Expert Roundup

You’ve decided to go to a therapist. Congratulations on the first step towards self-care. Finding the best therapist for you …


15  min read

Overcome Separation Anxiety

Effective Ways to Recognize and Overcome Separation Anxiety in Teenagers

Separation anxiety disorder is defined as a mental health condition in which a person feels intense and excessive anxiety and …


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Co-parenting therapy provides a learning environment to parents to nurture their children well

Why Marriage and Family Therapy Is Essential for Every Household

Marriage and family therapy is a counseling service focused solely on helping marriages stay strong, and families stay together in …


3  min read

Couples therapy is going to help you work out your differences,o acknowledge that there is a problem and get medical help

Does Couples Therapy Work? 7 Factors That Determine Success

Would you jump at the chance to strengthen your relationship and learn how to communicate better with your partner? The …


5  min read

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