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There’s more to a successful marriage than just finding the right person. Most often, it means being the right person first to make things work. If you think that just by finding Mr. or Ms. Right will magically make your marriage perfect, then think again. Marriage is a life-long commitment that demands both individuals maturity, compassion, understanding, commitment, and unending love. In short, there are a number of aspects that need to be worked on. This is where you need to evaluate your and your partner’s stage of marriage readiness.

For a marriage to work, you need to be absolutely sure that you are ready for this life-long journey. Getting ready for marriage is essential for a healthy and thriving relationship. Above all, it involves knowing who you are, your talents, weaknesses, interests, values, and expectations. Out of this knowledge comes the answer; are you really ready for marriage and commit yourself freely and joyously to your beloved? This section covers articles that will help you decipher your married readiness quotient and other important information about getting ready for marriage.

Using an “I” message to convey your feelings

7 Married Life Predictions That Tell if Your Marriage Will Last

When heading down the alter or saying ‘I do’, many couples would love the opportunity to have married life predictions …


5  min read

Useful Insights into the Readiness Factors for Marriage

Useful Insights into the Readiness Factors for Marriage

The high separation rate in the United States and the successive worry about wedding the correct individual at the perfect …


9  min read

8 Signs of Lack of Readiness in Marriage And Ways to Overcome it

What is lack of readiness in marriage? Marriage can be the greatest decision of your life. It has the power …


6  min read

The ABCs of Being Ready for Marriage

If you’re really going to mature as a human being and have a good relationship or marriage, you need to …

By Jonathan Lab

Therapist, LPC, MA| 3  min read

Are You Ready For Marriage?

While there may not be an exact formula for determining the best time for a couple to get married, many …

By Denise Limongello

Individual, Family & Group Psychotherapis, LMSW| 2  min read

Ready or not? Know The Signs of Marriage Readiness

Suddenly it seems that everyone around you is pairing off, getting married and starting a family of their own. You …

By Kerri Anne Brown

Counselor, LMHC| 4  min read

5 Marriage Readiness Questions to Ask Yourself Before Tying the Knot

Before you say “I do,” it’s time to find out if you really are prepared for the big step. Many …


4  min read

Marriage Readiness Checklist: Key Questions to Ask Before

So you’re both thinking of tying the knot and taking your relationship to the next big level? Congratulations! But before …


4  min read

A Guide to Christian Marriage Readiness

If you are a Christian and are thinking about marriage, then you may have been considering the topic of Christian …

By Mary Fisher

Writer| 3  min read

Are You Really Ready for Marriage?

  A wedding is a chance to be a celebrity for the day, to bask in the glow of adoring …

By Zawn Villines

Writer| 3  min read