10 Different Behaviors That Ruin a Relationship

10 Different Behaviors That Ruin a Relationship

To be in love may be easy but to maintain a relationship isn’t.

We don’t realize our toxic habits or behaviors until we get into a relationship. By the time we do, the damage is done. Counselors are there to help you but for that, you must realize your mistake.

Both the individuals must put in efforts to maintain a relationship. However, sometimes one’s behavior damages the good relationship beyond repair.

To avoid any such catastrophic event in your life, below is a list of behaviors that ruin a relationship. Be sure to not make such mistakes. 

1. Controlling

Today, people are unable to detach themselves from their professional behavior which leads to failed relationships. In your professional life, you may have a higher position and may have a habit controlling everything under you, but the outside office, people are not working under you.

The habit of controlling others is not welcomed in professional life, leave alone personal life. So, if you want to have an eternal relationship, stop control your partner.

It’s always good to treat them with equality. 

2. Still enjoying singlehood

Sometimes you’ve been single for such a long time that despite being in a relationship you may behave as if you’re still single.

When you’re in a relationship, things change. Some people choose their friends over partner every weekend and spend maximum time with their folks. This isn’t good for a flourishing relationship. Instead, spend time with your partner.

So, when you’re in a relationship, leave behind your singlehood behavior and act responsibly. 

3. Financial independence

Another behavior which is attached to singlehood is managing one’s finances.

When you’re single, it’s totally acceptable if you’re managing and looking after your own finances. However, when you’re in a relationship, dynamics change. You must change your thoughts from ‘my’ finances to ‘our’ finances.

If you fail to make this smooth transition, you would be sending out a wrong signal to your partner. They might think that you’re not committing to the relationship and still have doubts.

So, change the attitude to make things work between the both of you. 

4. Reacting and not responding

Reacting and responding are poles apart.

When someone says something to you, the first instinct is a reaction, whereas responding is to answer them after analyzing the entire situation.

When you’re in a relationship, there will be criticism. Your partner may not like your certain habits and may feel free to let you know what they think of it. Now, if you respond to them, you will have a healthy relationship.

However, if you react to it, you might push them away from you. You should be open to suggestions and ideas. 

5. Excess criticism

Excess criticism

No two people have similar habits or behavior.

They have their own thoughts and way to respond to a situation. Just because you’ve a certain habit doesn’t mean your partner should also has it.

The idea of a relationship is to accept a person the way they’re.

You’ve fallen in love with them for who they’re. If you criticize me all the time, you are ruining your relationship. This is one of the most common behaviors that ruin a relationship. 

6. Individualism

It’s completely okay to accompany your partner in their hobbies and likings. Whilst you’re doing to make sure you don’t lose your individualism. You also have certain hobbies, likings, and dreams.

Blindly following your partner all the time will make them feel that you don’t have thoughts and dreams of your own.

The excess of this behavior will push them away. So, while you adjust yourself with their hobbies, maintain your individualism. 

7. Running away from fights

No one wants to fight, but it is a part of a relationship.

Experts recommend that one should not let small grievances build up to something big and wait for it to explode. There will be differences between both of you. Whenever those differences surface, it’s suggested to talk it out.

It’s important that you respect each other’s opinion and don’t let small differences and grievances pile up just to explode and relinquish your relationship one unfortunate day. 

8. Excessive sensitive and insecure

Your partner isn’t your property. They’re a human being with their own life and circle of friends. Sometimes, insecurity or sensitivity take over the relationship and drive it to its unfortunate end. Don’t feel insecure if your partner is going out with their friends or colleagues sometime. Don’t be overly sensitive if they pay extra attention to their family sometimes. They’re their life.

Excess of these emotions surely will put a full stop in your relationship. 

9. Lack of communication

We all want someone who understands us.

We dream of a partner who can read our body language and listen to our silence. However, this sort of understanding takes time and can never happen overnight. So, when you’re in a relationship, communicate. Let your partner know what you’re thinking and how you are feeling.

Don’t be under the impression that they will understand. So, maintain a good communication channel with them. 

10. Overstepping their boundaries

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you can overstep your partner’s boundaries. Yes, you both are in a relationship but still you both have certain boundaries.

The behavior of overstepping your partner’s boundaries can ruin your relationship. Know when to step back and give them a space to breathe in.

No one wants to end their relationship.

However, the above mentioned are behaviors that ruin a relationship and often end them badly. So, to have an eternal relationship, avoid such thoughts and behaviors. After all, you both should work towards to make have a successful relationship.

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