What Is Your Communication Style?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 8004
What Is Your Communication Style?
Psychologists define four main communication styles: passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive. Only the fourth communication style, assertive, can ensure a healthy relationship and make you feel happy about your social interactions. The way we communicate is determined by childhood education, environment, and our own will. If you discover you are not communicating effectively, you can make an effort to change your style and become assertive. Take this quiz to find out what you communication style is!

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you happy about your relationships?

A. Not really, but what can I do?

B. Sometimes, and I impose my opinion when something is bothering me

C. No, but I find subtle ways to influence others

D. Yes, I feel that my relationships are healthy and fulfilling

2. Your partner has an annoying habit. What do you do?

A. Nothing, they won't change anyway

B. I criticize them mercilessly

C. I don't say anything, but I snort when they do it

D. I have a discussion about it and kindly ask them to give up on it

3. You have a conflict with someone while standing in a queue. How do you solve the problem?

A. I don't do anything and feel powerless

B. I start a big fight

C. I don't say anything to that person, but start talking about it with other people in the queue

D. I stay calm and tell them what's bothering me

4. Your partner agrees to lend money to a friend you can’t stand. What is your reaction?

A. I forcefully impose my point of view

B. I grudgingly accept and prepare some kind of revenge

C. I tell them I don't agree and explain why

D. I accept because I can't determine my partner to change their mind

5. You don’t get on well with your partner’s parents. How do you cope?

A. I have to accept them even if I don't like them

B. I become aggressive and start a fight with them

C. I pretend everything is fine and find a way to pay it off to them

D. I try to remain civilized and try to spend as little time as possible with these people

6. How do your friends describe you?

A. A calm and indulgent person

B. Someone who loses their temper very fast

C. Someone who uses manipulation to get what they want

D. A wise and balanced person

7. Do you feel superior to other people?

A. No, I actually feel inferior

B. Yes, and I express my superiority

C. Yes, but I don't show it

D. No, everybody is different and has their own qualities

8. Do you impose your will on others no matter what?

A. Never, and I hardly find a way to impose my will in general

B. Always, even if I have to employ force to do it

C. Yes, but by manipulating others

D. No, I try to respect other people's choices

9. Do you feel entitled to various privileges?

A. Not at all, I rather feel humble

B. Yes, and I make sure I get them

C. Yes, but I feel wronged and powerless

D. No, I just have rights and obligations like everyone else

10. What do you feel about conflicts?

A. I try to avoid them

B. I love them and I like fighting

C. I avoid them but use other methods to get what I want

D. They are a way to learn and evolve

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