Heart-To Heart Relationship Conversations to Make You Fall in Love over Again!

Heart-to heart relationship conversations to make you fall in love over again!

Communication is the key to make any relationship last longer. Undeniably, different relationships entail different facets to perpetuate the essence. However, rich and healthy communication is the only prerequisite in making any kind of relationship a long-lasting one.

Here’s a list of different kind of conversations you can have with your loved one. Either you are planning to get hitched, shacking up or just currently dating; make your bond stronger. Here are some thoughtful relationship conversations you can have with your partner

1. Avoid small the talk, engage in meaningful conversations

Talk about stuff which makes your eyes sparkle with passion

Either you guys are going on a first date, are already hitched or planning to marry anytime soon- don’t do small talk. Just Don’t. Period.

Talk about stuff which makes your eyes sparkle with passion, talk about career goals and aspirations, talk about hobbies.

Ask creative and exciting questions. Keep your questions open-ended and phrase them in such a way that it makes your partner flutter with delight. Don’t get too anxious to what to ask- exhibit the rawness to the other person. Display yourself in the purest and most real form of yours.

Here are a few questions which can foster engagement from the two parties-

  • Who will be the five people in your top list you would call straight away when you are stuck in a problem?
  • Which flaw of yours can be turned into one of your biggest strength?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What question do you want an answer to?
  • How far do you agree that individuals in a relationship should maintain separate identities instead of one being the shadow of another?

The list will go on and on. The questions will never end so will your interest in the other person if you share the like-mindedness.

All you have to is think a little hard. Be expressive and not stodgy. Be real and just be you.

2. Crystal clear discussions about your past

Talk about your exes, friend’s betrayal you faced in the past

Talk about your past. A relationship is no small deal. It requires commitment and loyalty. One fine day you woke up and realize you can’t spend your life with your partner. It doesn’t happen like that. It isn’t supposed to work like that. Therefore, be mindful of your decision and be picky when it comes to choosing your significant other.

Before acting on your impulse and losing control over your hormones, it is vital to discuss each other’s past.

Talk about your exes, friend’s betrayal, family traumas to name a few, you have been through in the past.

Get this thing straight to your head; your significant other should understand what you have been through and accept you like the person, which have been molded by the intense experiences.

Invalidating experiences/sentiments should signal either one of you to pull the plug or let go one’s horses. Keep the air clean about your past.

3. Check up on your partner frequently

Either you are hitched, are planning to hitch in near future or are just currently dating- check up on your partner from time to time. Hit a text, shoot an email, make a PowerPoint presentation, call away, Skype; do anything just to have a heart to heart conversation every day.

It is imperative to make your significant other realize that you are there for them at any time of the day.

Make them feel loved. Make them feel appreciated.  Share your highs, your lows and every minute detail in between. Because nothing is too small or too big to share with your loved one.

At times, lend a listening ear or a shoulder to weep on or render valuable advice. Make sure no bitter feelings are stacked up against each other and you guys are on the same page. Be clear in your communication and give them their personal space if they need it. 

4. Talk about the future

It’s perfectly okay to delay your future planning session for a span of a short time. It will get overwhelming or either one of you may get too anxious to even bring this topic to discuss in a conversation. Regardless of anything, do talk about it.

Do you want kids? Do you want to raise a family? Bring up these questions and discuss with your partner.

It may be the case that your significant other does not believe in the institution of marriage or maybe either of you does not wants to have kids at this point in time.

Instead of jumping to conclusions or spewing out hate against each other, it is better to reconcile differences and make sure what kind of a relationship your partner needs. If you think that your differences are irreconcilable and incompatible, then it’s better to reassess your relationship.

Frankly speaking, there is no genie to grant your wish or no better conversation to make your love stay if the two parties don’t accept the differences. Have the patience to deal with it and don’t let overwhelming sentiments cloud your judgments.

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