Stoke the Flame: 5 Secrets to Keeping Passion In Your Marriage

Stoke the flame: 5 Secrets to keeping passion in your marriage

Statistics suggest that 50% of marriages end in divorce. There are a few factors that come into play when a couple gets a divorce. However, there are 50% of couples who are sticking together and working things out. In order for things to work, both parties have to decide that they’re going to keep the marriage passionate and exciting. Marriage is a beautiful thing and a passionate marriage is even better. In order to infuse passion into your marriage, it’s important to try these few things.


Always communicate with your partner. Sure, there are some things that aren’t worth arguing about and should be forgotten. However, if there is an offense or if one of you is feeling overwhelmed, communicate your feelings. If feelings are bottled up over a long period of time, a person eventually erupts and leaves a mess that’s hard for a couple to clean up. Deal with issues as they come and always leave a channel of open communication. Even if you decided to get a divorce, you’d still have to communicate with your spouse. This time, it would be with lawyers from firms like Hackworth Law in the room. So, get used to communicating and sticking it out together.

Physical Touch

Whether it is a kiss, long hug or romantic night in bed, it is important to physically touch one another. Try not to leave the house in the morning without kissing one another goodbye. Kisses are great ways to physically infuse a sense of love and passion into a relationship. Physical touch is definitely a great and essential way to let your partner know you care.

Date Nights

Between busy workweeks and crazier weekends, it can be challenging for a couple to really sit down, connect and find out what’s going on with one another. Before it gets to the point where you two are two ships passing in the night, schedule a date night. It might change from week to week, but make sure that you have a standing appointment to go out with your spouse. This is a time for reconnection, appreciation and fun. Whether you do something physical and romantic like dinner and dancing or you stroll through the mall with pretzels and soda, do something with one another to have fun and relax on a weekly basis.

Physical Attraction/Effort

One of the reasons why a marriage becomes passionless is because the level of attraction is no longer there. In order to change that issue, it’s time to focus on improving your physical appearance. It might be time to put down the beers and hit the gym after work. Take off the yoga pants and change into a pretty dress. Take more pride in your physical appearance and watch the difference in makes in your marriage.


Distance always makes the heart grow fonder. If you’re always around one another, take a break. Keep and cultivate relationships with people outside of your home. This is a healthy way to become excited to go home and see your spouse.

These five secrets will take a few mental and physical adjustments. They may feel uncomfortable to do at first, but they are well worth it. Bringing passion back into your marriage may be a lot of work, but it can really help make all the difference.  

Kara Masterson
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