Domestic Partnerships


There are times when couples have the commitment of a legal marriage, but aren’t concerned with the legal aspects and benefits that are afforded by marriage. When this is what is desired, there are some states that recognize a legal relationship known as a domestic partnership.

Domestic partnerships involve two adults who have chosen to share each other’s lives in an intimate and committed relationship that involves mutual care. Historically, this was commonly associated with same-sex relationships and provided certain legal and financial protections to those couples. In some states, domestic partnerships are also extended to couples who live together (cohabitate) and in others, applies to couples who are over 62 years of age and cohabitate.

Domestic Partner Benefits

Domestic partnerships provide benefits to couples who do not wish to be married. In the states that provide for legally …

Domestic Partnership Agreement

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Domestic Partnership Laws

Domestic Partnership Laws

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Domestic Partnership in Oregon

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