How to Maintain Romance After Marriage | How to Maintain Romance After Marriage |

How to Maintain Romance After Marriage

How to Maintain Romance After Marriage

Marital responsibilities and the addition of family members (children), weigh couples to an extent of forgetting to rekindle their love. Romance is a key pillar to a blissful marriage. Prioritize your partner’s needs, offer intimacy and passion to spice your marriage despite your busy schedules. What makes you enjoy a meal in a restaurant rather than a meal at home? Same is with your marriage, you have to try new things. Trying new things is essential to infuse a fresh burst of romance in a relationship. Romance prevents complacency and reduces boredom and monotony among married couples. Think of the times you took long hours to dress up just for that date. When did you last look sexy just for your spouse? Romance has the power to change a boring marriage to an enjoyable union.

Commitment and love alone will not guarantee you a happy marriage; little acts of love make the difference. Here are some romantic ideas for busy couples

  • A surprise love message on any of the social media platforms
  • A spontaneous kiss while leaving for work
  • An evening coffee date in the jungle
  • Deliver a bouquet of flowers in her or his office
  • A surprise birthday party with her or his friends at a favorite joint

Prioritize your spouse

Take note, all these ideas center around your spouse. Romance is all about putting you partner as your number one priority. Most married couples prefer to give more attention to kids and work. Familiarity in marriage is suicidal for a relationship. You are not business partners; you are lovers bound by friendship. Your friend must be part of your plans.

Couples think, as long as you share good moments together in bed, that’s all that matters, but that’s not true. Women love emotional attachments. Let your romantic ideas focus on her emotional well-being. Men, on the other hand, get aroused with physical touch. Show off your curves to revitalize what he first saw in you.

Create time for one another out of the normal routine

Romance is all about focusing on one another for that intimate talk of appreciation. Once in a while, stay late together after the kids go to bed to watch a movie as you lay side by side stroking one another. Take interest in your partner’s needs. Kids are demanding, opt for a nanny to take care of the children while to go for a getaway out of town for a romantic holiday.

In the house, wink and have a spontaneous touch while she cooks. A touch around her waist raises all the nerves for exciting moments of the love you share. Have a scheduled time in the house where it is just the two of you. If children master the routine then be sure of their support. Surprise each other on what you want to do at this time. What of a pillow fight? It is not the time to solve your problems, but, time to focus on your intimate love.

Develop passionate custom

Treat your spouse with a tender loving care. Control your anger and speak in low tones but serious. The line of communication acts as a foundation to practice the romantic ideas to nurture your marriage. Joke and laugh together, it is always not that serious. Do not forget special days in the year – birthdays, valentine’s day, and anniversary- to celebrate your love. Take a walk around the neighborhood as you appreciate what nature has to offer. Opt for a running competition over a short distance as you tease one another. Surprise your spouse by offering help around the house- a house chore that you forgot the moment you got married.

Romance is basically little acts of love that you both appreciate. The familiarity of marriage diverts your mind from exploring your partner’s desires in the marriage. The significance of the romantic idea of choice is highly dependent on your spouse taste and passion. How do you get to know, what he or she likes?

While watching a love story in a movie, take into account the utterances of appreciation. “I love the idea” I don’t like flowers”  “That chocolate is lovely” from the statements you have an idea of some of the romantic ideas that have a direct impact on your love life. Invest your time, passion, and intimacy to spice your marriage.

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