Civil Unions


Civil unions are considered to be the same or almost equal to that of a marriage with a legal relationship that offered some of the same rights and responsibilities of a marriage.While civil marriage takes place in a registry office and has nothing to do with religion and can be extended to same sex marriages.


Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois and New Jersey still distinguish civil unions from marriage. Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and Vermont subsequently converted all civil unities to legal marriages.

Civil Unions Laws

Civil Unions Laws

The term civil union describes a relationship between two individuals that offers the couple certain legal protection. Civil unions differ …

What is a Civil Union?

A civil union is a legal bond between two people that has some requirements and protections that are similar to …

Civil Unions vs Domestic Partnerships

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Civil Unions in Illinois

In December 2010, the Illinois General Assembly approved SB 1716 (Public Act 96-1513) and it was signed into law on …

Civil Unions in Colorado

Colorado now has full marriage equality. This means that civil unions and same-sex marriages are now full permitted in Colorado. …