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Find verified & trusted divorce therapists who will guide you through your problems with divorce counseling.

Divorce Therapists in United States
Frequently Asked Questions
What is divorce counseling?
Divorce counseling seeks to help couples affected by the dissolution of their marriage deal with their feelings. It can help you deal with the loss of your life partner, manage the lingering resentment in a safe environment, resolve issues that stop you from moving on, help you prevent repeating the same mistakes, and more. Here's a quick guide for you to learn What Is Divorce Counseling?
How beneficial is divorce therapy?
Therapy or counseling provides a safe place for you to talk, process your emotions, figure out what's next, and avoid such situations in the future. It can also help you lay a foundation for future interactions. A divorce counselor or therapist is a qualified advocate for your relationship who can help you and your spouse deal with the situation. Here's an article by Counselor Jeff Schneider that can help you learn How Beneficial Divorce Therapy Is.
How does divorce counseling help?
Many divorce counselors help couples manage their complicated feelings about divorce. Such counseling consists of gentle guidance for both parties struggling through the murky process of the divorce. With divorce counseling, you can start to get your life back, control your budget, handle the kids, learn to date or enjoy being on your own, and develop your self-esteem. Here's more on How Divorce Counseling Helps.
What to expect from divorce counseling
The goal of divorce therapy sessions depends on whether you are going for pre or post-divorce sessions. Based on that, the counselor can ask questions to get an idea of how they can help you either save the marriage or deal with the situation if you have decided to go your separate ways. They can teach you how to improve communication and deal with disagreements by using a single or a combination of multiple therapies. To prepare for your first session, you need to settle in and have patience. Also, here are quick guides for you to learn What Happens in Pre-Divorce Counseling and Post-Divorce Counseling .
How do I make my partner participate in divorce counseling?
It can be challenging to make your partner understand that a third party can help both of you get through this, but it's not impossible. Don't be scared. Tell them how both of you need help to make things work and try to reason with them. If all else fails, then there are individual counseling sessions available as well. Read this article to learn more about How to Make Your Spouse Participate in Divorce Counseling .
How to choose the right divorce therapist
Whether you are going for pre-divorce pr post-divorce counseling, choose a divorce therapist who you feel comfortable opening up to. This can mean going for multiple sessions with different divorce therapists before deciding to go ahead with one.

You can begin your search by looking online for 'divorce counseling near me' or 'divorce therapist/counselor near me'.

To find the right therapist for you, scan their profiles - see if it mentions credentials like 'divorce psychologist' or divorce counseling expert' or something on these lines. If yes, they could be the right fit for your situation. If you seem to like a profile but not sure, don't hesitate to ask for their credentials, references, and treatment approaches. Before you begin your search, learn How to Choose the Right Divorce Therapist.