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Nobody plans to walk down the aisle and recite wedding vows by the altar to end the relationship abruptly someday.

Yet divorces happen.

A divorce is an upsetting event that ends several dreams and aspirations. It is a legal confirmation that the eternal togetherness to which you had once sworn by has come to an end.

In other words, two married partners who no longer want to be legally bound to one another will seek a divorce to end their marriage.

What is divorce?

To define divorce, we can say that divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage.

This is a lengthy and often emotionally exhausting process where two partners agree on how to separate assets, finances, and time with their children either in front of a judge, privately with their attorneys, or through peaceful mediation.

The emotional effects of divorce can be widespread, impacting work and relationships with family, friends, and children.

Why do people get a divorce?

Often these individuals have gone through a pool of divorce emotions and divorce problems.

It is also possible that these people while dealing with divorce depression, have tried everything they can to fix their marriage and see no other solution than to legally separate.

Divorce therapists or divorce counselor can deploy various divorce therapy techniques. The right divorce therapy can help you work through the anxiety and psychological effects of divorce.

If you are undecided on how to go about this entire process, you can easily seek divorce depression help by browsing on the internet to find the right consultation.

Just Google for ‘divorce counseling near me’ or ‘divorce therapist near me’, and you can get access to a plethora of divorce therapists or counselors, who can help in coping with divorce stress.

Common signs a relationship is heading for divorce

Even the happiest couple is bound to have their off-days. Arguments and boredom are common and fleeting in the healthiest relationships.

So, what determines whether a couple is going to make it or not?

Here are some of the most common signs of divorce that indicate, stress and divorce are imminent:

  1. Spouse becoming indifferent
  2. Cheating
  3. Lying
  4. Staying late at work
  5. Always being defensive
  6. Mismatched expectations
  7. Lack of communication
  8. Addiction
  9. Trust issues
  10. Abuse

What are the different types of divorce?

Most people believe that there is only one type of divorce.

Television and media present divorce issue as a simple matter of separating, child custody, and deciding how assets are split, but this is not always the case.

The following are the most common types of divorce:


Divorce arbitration is where couples try to resolve contentious issues outside of the courtroom with an arbiter.


It is a good divorce where both parties are in complete agreement about settlement negotiations.

Collaborative divorce

It is another way by which couples can separate without stepping foot into a courtroom, by choosing to use attorneys to settle agreements.

Summary divorce

It is often chosen for couples who have not been married for very long and lack assets like property or children.

Contested divorce 

A contested divorce is when one party does not agree to get divorced

In absentia 

In absentia is when one party files for legal separation and the other does not respond after a lengthy period. By default, a divorce is granted.

Fault and no-fault divorce 

It is sometimes required in different states, and it is up to the spouse filing for divorce to prove wrongdoing on the part of their ex-spouse to justify separation.

Limited Divorce 

Couples file a “pre-divorce” divorce for them to figure out more details before making the separation legal.

What causes divorce?

Divorce is a distressing experience for all parties involved, so why do people get divorced?

Here are some of the most common reasons why people choose to separate:

Lack of sexual intimacy

Sexual intimacy is essential for emotional bonding and is a strong predictor of love, liking, and satisfaction in a relationship. When this intimate bond is lacking, couples begin to grow apart.


Being unfaithful -emotionally, physically, online, or financially- is another common reason why couples get divorced. The lack of trust created by such betrayal is nearly impossible to restore.

Age matters

One study posits that age may play a factor in divorce. Six research studies indicate that adults tend to search for existential meaning when approaching a new decade in age (such as 29, 39, 49, 59). These changes in behavior and goals often lead to marital discord.

Money related issues

Money-related issues are one of the most significant predictions of marital distress and dissolution.

Research of 748 instances of conflict between 100 couples revealed that arguments about finances were the most recurrent, pervasive, and problematic of all marital issues. Arguments about money were also the most likely to go unresolved.

Lack of communication

One study exploring factors that lead to divorce found that the two most common reasons couples listed for separating were a lack of communication and growing apart.

Couples must be able to voice their concerns and deepen their connection through communication if they want to succeed in marriage.


Being abused by a partner is another reason why couples commonly separate. Physical abuse tears down trust, as does substance abuse.

This lack of stability and respect often leads to divorce.

Impact of divorce on men and women

It can be a never-ending debate on who suffers most after divorce, men or women?

Without a doubt, both the partners are bound to suffer as separation is a very distressing process and can put them through a bewildering array of emotions.

If the economic perspective is considered, post-divorce, women experience an unbalanced decline in the standard of living and the otherwise regular household income.

The chances of women losing house ownership are also high. Also, with fewer chances of re-partnering and the responsibilities of being a single parent, this might impede the path to their economic recovery.

At the same time, as far as men are concerned, a study claims that divorced men are more susceptible to high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes as compared to women.

Both the perspectives are real, and a man coping with divorce as well as a woman differ in some or the other way.

How does divorce affect children emotionally?

There are a lot of ways in which divorce can affect children adversely. They can develop trust issues, lack of confidence, fear, and many more problems can crop as their ideologies about life are bound to change.

Children’s divorce counseling is another requirement for families who want to separate responsibility.

A counselor will help parents talk to the child in age-appropriate terms about what is going to happen to the family unit. The child will also feel free to express their thoughts and feelings on the matter.

How to recover from divorce?

Going through a divorce can be enervating. Couples may feel emotionally or financially drained through the divorce process.

So, how to recover from a divorce or how to get through a divorce emotionally?

Recovering from divorce stress is a two-fold process that is briefed as follows.

1. First step

You can take up your nagging question on how to recover from divorce to your loved ones, without a second thought.

The support from your loved ones can prove to be the best therapy for divorce to help you in coping with divorce and mental health issues.

Research shows that support from friends and family during times of trauma (such as going through a divorce) plays an important role in recovering from a divorce and significantly lower psychological distress.

The more open and honest a divorcee is with their friends and family about how they are feeling, the easier it will be for their associates to know how to help someone going through a divorce.

2. Second step

If the first step doesn't help you much in recovering after divorce and you are still ruminating over how to recover after divorce, move to the second step for effectively dealing with anxiety and divorce.

The second step is to find divorce counseling for families and even divorce counseling for children, to seek professional help with divorce.

Seeing divorce counselors or a therapist will help divorcees understand the divorce cause and learn how to get over divorce anxiety and move forward.

After divorce counseling or post-divorce therapy can also be beneficial for couples who share custody of children, to learn how to maintain a family bond post-separation.

What is divorce therapy or divorce counseling?

A form of relationship therapy for married couples, divorce therapy or divorce counseling helps couples on the brink of getting separated permanently cope with the situation.

How does divorce therapy or divorce counseling help?

Anxiety after divorce is common and can affect a person’s ability to work, interact socially with friends and family, or raise children. Seeking therapy can help the affected parties learn how to cope with the stress of moving on.

Divorce counselors or therapists are professionally trained to provide the right kind of counseling for divorce as per an individual’s divorce stress symptoms.

The therapists are pivotal in helping with divorce as they can deploy various therapeutic methodologies to help couples deal with the struggles that come from ending a relationship.

Whether done together or separately, divorce therapy techniques can help couples learn how to communicate, put the past behind them, and move forward from the anger they feel toward one another.

If there are signs of reconciliation after separation, a counselor can also help couples work out issues and strengthen their marriage before officially reuniting.

How can I find a good divorce counselor?

If you want to know how to go about divorce counseling, do a Google search for ‘Divorce Counseling near me’ or ‘ Divorce therapist near me’, you will find that the internet is flooded with a plethora of options.

Also, there are a lot of support groups available both online as well as offline to help you on how to prepare for divorce emotionally.

If you are short on time or have privacy concerns, you can opt for online divorce therapy or divorce counseling from a certified therapist or counselor.

But, remember that not all therapists or counselors are authorized or trained adequately to provide the services.

So, before you finalize your therapist, keep the divorce counseling questions ready with you, get all your doubts cleared and check for their licensing.

What is the cost of divorce therapy or counseling?

As of 2019, the average cost of divorce counseling for couples ranges anywhere from $35 to $195 per session.

How much a divorce counselor will cost depends on several factors, including whether the couple is choosing couples therapy, family therapy, or a marriage counselor.

The credentials of the counselor, country/city where the couple resides, the stages of divorce recovery, length of session, and health insurance also play a role in the overall cost.

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