Pre-Divorce Counseling: Should You Give it a Try?

Pre Divorce Counseling

When a couple decides to get divorced many problems arise. Like the divorce itself is not enough, partners may face many obstacles until the papers are finalized. Getting divorced is a long and hard process, so a pre-divorce counseling is something that can help spouses balance their mental health and make them aware of the possible problems in the future.

If children are involved, this kind of therapy is a must because in every divorce process they are the ones that come out most hurt.

What is pre divorce counseling?

When a couple realizes that their marriage is not working and decide that it’s time to put an end to it, they will go to a therapist and explain their situation. The therapist will help them plan and ease the process and will teach them how to communicate in a peaceful way so that they can find best solutions to the problems ahead.

A lot of couples are on the verge of divorce and live that way for many years. Some of them can’t afford counseling, some simply don’t believe in its benefits, but marriage therapy is proven to work and has saved lot of relationships.

The best thing for a couple is to see a therapist right after the problems occur. If couples therapy don’t work and they still need to separate, then the therapist itself will suggest the divorce and continue with the pre divorce counseling.

However, a good therapist will never give up on the couple being together. The used methods sometimes help the involved sides to rethink their decision and cancel the divorce. If they do, then a regular therapy can be suggested to continue until the couple doesn’t need any more therapy.

Actually, almost half of the cases specified as pre divorce counseling end in dropping their divorce ideas. Some US states are now making pre divorce counseling mandatory because of its benefits.

What to expect from pre divorce counseling?

Pre divorce counseling is done with both spouses present and after the time spent in the counselor office you can expect:

1. Better communication between partners in general. Very often couples can’t even talk to each other, so the therapy among the other things will help them make a normal conversation.

2. Peaceful and civilized talk about possible problems; Learning to communicate with each other will help to prepare for the divorce process. Even if it is something that no one wants to do, it must be done, so why not do it in peace.

3. Finding the best way for the well-being of the children. Children come first, and even if parents can’t work out their issues, the therapist will make them try a little harder for the kids.

4. Making a plan and finding the healthiest and easiest way for going through the divorce. Even happily married couples fight sometimes while making plans and for couples that are divorcing it is common to argue about lots of things. Counseling will help them make those necessary plans and easily prepare for the divorce.