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  • 8 Powerful Lessons for a Happy Marriage

    8 Powerful Lessons for a Happy Marriage

    8 Powerful Lessons for a Happy Marriage

    All over the world, people get married for all sorts of different reasons, but the common theme is love. With statistics in the UK showing a steady decline in marriages over the years, fewer people are indeed getting married, but this doesn’t mean that your marriage can’t last forever.

    So how can one enhance their marriage and how can one watch their marriage echoed through the ages? It is essential that you find ways in which to keep your marriage happy and alive. Take note of some of the following tips to help you do this.

    1. Marry the one you love

    It may seem all too simple, however, people marry for a lot of bad reasons. Don’t let yourself be one of these people. Remember exactly why you’re marrying somebody – it is because you love them and want to spend the rest of your life with them. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and it should be honored as such, so make sure that you are in this lengthy partnership with your ideal soulmate. Otherwise, you stand to watch a lifetime of resentment go by.

    2. Don’t expect too much

    Have you ever wondered why people sometimes talk about the mundanity of married life? It’s not always going to be electricity between you and your partner, however, this is all perfectly normal. If you treat your marriage like you do a competition, you may see that the game is over sooner than you think. It is perfectly normal for any marriage to encounter its ups and downs, so don’t think that it will always be the same as when it started. Knowing these facts will help you make the most of your marriage because you won’t get stressed if you feel disappointed at any moment. Concentrate on the positives in order for your marriage to successfully flourish.

    3. Keep the adventure alive

    Whenever somebody first meets their ideal match, relentless adventure normally follows – many a trip and many a candlelit dinner. However, you may find that as the years pass, there are more challenges to face, different responsibilities, and excuses to stop doing the things you used to do together. One should not despair. Try to keep your life as exciting as possible with your loved one. Of course, if you’ve got work commitments, you can’t seriously expect to fly over to the romantic city of Paris every other week, yet plan smaller trips that you can look forward to. Perhaps a quick getaway to the rural outskirts of your town or even a bit of activity around your local area. Whatever it is, surprise your partner and make them excited through your adventurous ideas. Even if you’re old and aging, it’s never too late to keep your adventure going.

    Keep the adventure alive

    4. Affection

    It shouldn’t surprise you that your attraction to your partner will fade, especially as they get older, it’s just a scientific fact. However, one can still be affectionate in many different ways. It is vitally important to make an effort to be affectionate, for instance, a simple kiss. Any small sign will be greatly rewarded, with significant symbolism backing it up. Everybody wants to feel loved after all.

    5. Dealing with tough times

    When your marriage is in its early days, you will find it very easy to love your partner and for them to love you too. Everything becomes a lot harder when you see yourself in a spot of bother. Make sure you really talk things over with your loved one when things get tough and fuel each other to find ways of getting through the tough times.

    6. Be aware of monotony

    In a marriage, you may find that you will experience a lot of boredom and monotony, even though every day is different. You may even find yourself missing out on special plans and your dreams in order to make sense of important plans. It is best to realize that this is just a normal part of life, and real life isn’t always going to be exciting. If you and your partner can understand that boredom is just inevitable at times, your marriage will be a great success. It’s also important for you to take time to do the things you love and work on your hobbies, both together as a couple and alone for some peace.

    7. No comparisons

    Your marriage is yours and yours alone, so don’t waste time comparing your life to that of other people. In this day and age, with social media at our fingertips, it can be easy for one to edit their life and think it over excessively in the face of the lives of others. Many people compare their home, children, partner, and many more things, but is this really necessary? This sort of activity can leave one with a bitter taste, working against the happiness of your marriage. Stop comparing yourself to others and think about paying attention to your marriage in the present moment.

    8. Initiative

    We often spend a lot of time wondering if we are the giver or the taker in the marriage, so what are we supposed to do? Always remember that if you give, the other person is sure to remember it. Take the initiative in your marriage and be the giver – your partner will really reward you for it.

    So whatever state your marriage is in now, or if you’re yet to be married and are still thinking about wedding preparations, take note of the following eight tips to see that you live a happy life with the person you love.

    What is your marriage like? Enjoying yourself? Any tips? Please let us know and leave a comment below.

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