8 Ways To Show Appreciation To The Love Of Your Life

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We all get pulled in a million different directions and therefore forget about the importance of being able to show appreciation to the love of your life. If you’re like most people you are over committed and trying to constantly cross things off your “to do list”. Taking time to slow down and tell your loved one how important they are to you simply isn’t a priority. Though we appreciate them we also have a tendency to take them for granted, and this is where a relationship can go down the wrong path. Making a conscious effort to show a little gratitude or showering words of appreciation to a loved one can go a long way!

Appreciating love

This is the person that you have committed your life to and that shows you love every day. Sure they have their moments as we all do, but this is the person who truly is the love of your life—and so you want to show them just how important they are to you. This doesn’t need to be anything elaborate or expensive, for sometimes the smallest tokens can help to show appreciation in a really big way. It’s all about thinking through what they like, what makes them happy, and what will help them to feel important and loved when all is said and done. Here are some simple but effective ways to show appreciation of love and have fun with it too!

1. Do something for them for no reason at all

You don’t need a special occasion to do something nice for them. It also doesn’t need to be anything fancy for it can be as simple as a card or giving them a massage. The important part here is to take the time out to do something just for them, for no reason at all, and with no strings attached.

You aren’t doing this to get anything yourself, but rather to help them to feel loved in a simple but meaningful way. The little things will help to put a smile on their face, and they will feel important all because of a small token of appreciation.

2. Cook a favorite meal that you know will make them happy

What a simple idea to appreciate the love! Cook their favorite dinner so that they are surprised when they get home and it’s waiting for them. Pack their lunch for them one day out of the blue, or even try surprising them with breakfast in bed. The way to the heart is through the stomach—and making them a favorite meal is sure to help them feel appreciated and feed their body and soul.

3. Send them a text just to let them know you love & appreciate them

There’s nothing better than a surprise text in the middle of the day to make you smile. If you want to show appreciation to the love of your life, then send them a quick text in the middle of a busy workday simply to let them know you’re thinking of them and that you love them. It’s unexpected and it’s simple, but those few words can mean so much. Catch them off guard and they will be beaming when they see you later on—again the little things mean so much!

4. Give them the day off from responsibilities so that they can relax

We all get caught up in all the things we have to do, and sometimes just giving them a day off can work wonders. Tell them that it’s their day to relax and you take over their responsibilities around the house. Do the grocery shopping, clean the house, mow the lawn, or do something so that they don’t have to.

Allow them time to sleep in and relax and show them that you are doing this because you appreciate all that they do for you. It’s one day and though it means more work for you, it will go a long way in helping them to feel truly appreciated.

5. Pamper them and set the tone for a day of love and attention

If you have the means send them to the spa for a couple of hours. Nothing can help a person to feel cherished quite like a day of pampering! If you are tight on funds then set up a spa day at home.

Draw them a bath, set up candles, make them a special lunch, and give them a massage. Everyone likes to be taken care of once in awhile, and this goes a long way in giving them time to unwind and reflect upon how much they mean to you in the process.

6. Tell them thank you

And remind them how important they are to you as often as possible. It can be something as simple as saying “thank you” or “I love you” that goes the furthest. Remind them through your words how important they are to you, and tell them face to face how much you care. Having an open and direct line of communication means that you get to share with them what they mean to you all the time—so just remember to do this and to speak your words of gratitude and that may be all that it takes in the end.

7. Show appreciation in a unique & affectionate way

Hold onto them in that hug a little longer. Kiss a little deeper, and look them in the eyes with the affection that you have. Sometimes you do have to actually show that appreciation through affection and love.

When you can look them in the eyes and make physical intimacy and that connection a true priority then you are telling them all that they need to know. Though life gets busy, working to keep that bond and physical connection strong will ensure that they know how you feel and show them it without speaking any words at all.

8. Talk to them, remind them why you love them

And help them by supporting them. Being there for somebody that you love is often the best way to show your appreciation. Help them through something or just listen to them when they need you. Though it’s always nice to show appreciation to the love of your life in unique ways, it can also be about getting back to basics.

Remind them why you love them, show them that you are there for them, and help to support them when they need a little lift. When somebody knows that they can count on you, then it’s the ultimate compliment and it helps to build somebody up when they need it. A little gesture can go a long way, and the appreciation will always be reciprocated too!

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