Quiz: What is Your Kink?

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Quiz: What is Your Kink?
Sex is natural, and so are kinks. Plenty of “kinks” are fairly mainstream. Take this quiz to figure out what will get you going. Get ideas to spice up your sex life and figure out ways to make yourself and your partner even hotter and excited. Perhaps you are taking this quiz just for knowing how to rejuvenate your sex life, and remember, you can have more than one kink! Communication is key, always talk to your partner and get consent!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of these sounds really fun?

A. Someone undressing in front of me

B. Kissing more than one person at once

C. Pretending to be someone I am not

D. Pain and pleasure running together.

2. What’s your favorite part about sex?

A. Creativity/imagination

B. The dynamics of it and how we can play with those

C. The visuals

D. Feeling really desired by others

3. What fantasy do you most often have?

A. A threesome

B. Watching my partner have sex with another person

C. I’m a student and I have to go convince my professor to give me an A

D. Me and my partner spanking each othe

4. Which would you be most excited for a partner to suggest?

A. That we start using the word slut in the bedroom to establish dominance

B. That their two friends join us

C. That they touch themselves while I watch

D. That we have sex at their desk and pretend to be boss and employee

5. Just the sight of this gets you excited…

A. Handcuffs

B. A sexy costume

C. Someone changing

D. Three attractive people with their knees brushing each other.

6. You’re more likely to…

A. See a sexy doctors outfit and buy it on impulse

B. Play around with tying others up or being tied up

C. Enjoy a strip club

D. Go to a sex party

7. When searching for porn you will most likely look for…

A. Rough sex

B. Orgy

C. Doctor and nurse have sex before operating

D. Hidden camera

8. If you could have one thing happen in your sex life which would it be?

A. Sex with many people 100%

B. I wanna get tied to the bed and blindfolded

C. I want to sit and watch two people have sex in front of me

D. I want to spend a few hours pretending to work for my partner in their mansion before things get frisky.

E. I wanna use a paddle on my partner

9. What makes you feel sexy?

A. Losing control

B. Being completely in control

C. Pretending I am someone else

D. Feeling adored by multiple people

E. Watching someone else

10. Does it excite you when you think about having sex with someone…

A. More powerful than me

B. Less powerful than me

C. Who loves to put on a show for me

D. Who has a creative imagination and excellent improv skills

E. SomeoneS, then you can have sex with all of the above

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