Quiz: As A Couple, What Are Our Sexual Strengths And Weaknesses

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 16 | Updated: May 09, 2024
Quiz: As a Couple, What Are Our Sexual Strengths and Weaknesses

Feeling curious about your sexual compatibility? Exploring intimacy as a couple is about understanding and embracing each other’s desires, strengths, and areas for growth. This playful and insightful quiz invites you to dive into the dynamics of your relationship, uncovering how you both contribute to a fulfilling and compassionate sexual connection.

Questions Excerpt

1. During intimacy, do you prefer to:

A. Take charge and lead the way

B. Talk things through and explore together

C. See where the mood takes you

2. How comfortable are you talking about sex with your partner?

A. Very comfortable, we talk openly about everything

B. Somewhat comfortable, but some things feel shy

C. Not that comfortable, unsure what to say

3. How often do you try new things in the bedroom?

A. We're always up for trying new things!

B. Open to trying new things occasionally

C. New things can feel a bit intimidating

4. Do you find it easy to express your desires to your partner?

A. Absolutely, communication is key!

B. Sometimes, I might hold back a bit

C. I find it difficult to express myself

5. How important is a romantic atmosphere for you?

A. Not essential, intimacy is the main focus

B. Sets the mood and enhances the experience

C. Can be a nice addition, but not crucial

6. Do you celebrate each other's sexual victories (e.g., trying something new)?

A. Absolutely! We hype each other up

B. We acknowledge it, but might not make a big deal

C. Unsure how to celebrate these moments

7. How comfortable are you giving and receiving feedback during intimacy?

A. Open to feedback, it helps us improve

B. Feedback can feel a little awkward

C. Not sure how to give or receive feedback

8. Do you prioritize scheduling intimacy, or do you prefer spontaneity?

A. Spontaneity is our style!

B. A mix of both planned and spontaneous moments works best

C. Scheduling intimacy feels a bit too structured

9. How comfortable are you with physical affection outside of the bedroom?

A. We can't keep our hands off each other!

B. We show affection, but intimacy is a separate thing

C. Physical affection can feel a bit forced sometimes

10. Do you find it easy to forgive minor mishaps during intimacy?

A. We laugh it off and move on

B. Minor mishaps can be a bit of a mood killer

C. Mishaps make me feel anxious or self-conscious

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