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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 18963
Am I trans quiz
Gender means how a person feels on the inside and how they wish to express themselves to the outside world. Each individual has their own personality that makes them unique. This personality is developed during childhood and follows them for the rest of their life. Personality is the internalized responses to the surrounding people, objects, feelings, actions, surroundings, etc. 'Am I trans quiz' is a perfect personality test to check if you can identify with one of them or your true sexuality. If you identify with the difficulties of those whose personalities don't match their gender, take our personality test and find out your gender type.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel comfortable wearing clothes that are made to fit the opposite gender?

A. Dress doesn't matter to me

B. Yeah, then I feel like myself

C. I’ve never done that

2. Do you use a different name than the one you were given at birth?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

3. Are your friends most of the same or opposite sex as you?

A. Fifty-fifty

B. Same

C. Opposite

4. How do you typically describe yourself?

A. Introverted

B. Modest

C. Nice

5. When you have a disagreement with a person, how do you react?

A. I pretend nothing happened to smooth out the tense atmosphere

B. In trying to find the root of the problem, I am trying to discern if one side or the other is responsible for it 

C. I have no idea

6. When you were a child, what kinds of toys or games did you like?

A. Dolls

B. Football

C. Trucks

7. What name would you prefer to be called?

A. Current name

B. Feminine or Masculine

C. Unisex

8. Do you sometimes wish you were born a different sex?

A. From time to time

B. Yes, all the time

C. No

9. Have you ever been called the wrong pronoun?

A. Happened a few times

B. Happens a lot

C. No, never

10. Would you change your gender if given the opportunity?

A. Of course, without a second thought

B. I’d have thought longer to make this decision

C. No

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