What Turns You On Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 5195
 What Turns You On Quiz?
Whips, Chains, candle wax, hand ties, and blindfolds can all be used for sexual pleasure and desire, but maybe you don’t need them in your bedroom. Maybe what turns you on is physical contact and close intimate moments. Take our quiz “What Turns You On?” and find out what you enjoy in the bedroom. Whether it’s rough and tough or gentle and loving, you can find out what turns you on and explore your sex life.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you sext or have ‘skype’ sex?

A. No, I need personal interaction

B. I will do it with a significant other that I know well

C. I love virtual hook-ups

2. Which body part is the sexiest?

A. Lips

B. Neck

C. Eyes

3. Do you like having one or multiple partners?

A. I only sleep with one person at a time

B. I sleep with as many people as I want to

C. I sleep with one or two

4. Do you like to be teased?

A. No, just get to it!

B. Yes, it’s fun to be playful

C. It really depends on my mood

5. Do you like to incorporate food during sex?

A. Ew, no

B. Yes, I do

C. I will if my partner introduces it

6. Do you like to have sex in different places?

A. Yes, I enjoy variety

B. No, I prefer to have sex in my bed

C. It depends on where we would be having sex

7. Do you like to try new positions in bed?

A. Not really, I prefer standard missionary

B. Yes, I am always up to switch positions and try new things

C. I am willing to change it up, but I like what I like too

8. What do you do if you are dissatisfied with your partner in bed?

A. You can’t hit it every time. We’ll try again

B. We keep trying until it gets where we want it to go

C. It depends, but I usually just let it go

9. Do you like lingerie?

A. No, it gets in the way

B. Yes, something to have ripped off

C. I like it sometimes, but I also like to see their or my body

10. Do you enjoy being tied up during sex?

A. No, I need to have access to move freely

B. Gentle restraints are fine

C. Tie me up with whatever you’ve got

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