What Is My Soulmate's Initials Quiz

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What Is My Soulmate's Initials Quiz
Are you dying to know who your soulmate will be? Do you wonder if you already know this person and haven’t noticed them in that way or if it will be someone totally new? By answering the questions in this short quiz, the first letter in your soulmate’s first name will be revealed. It sounds crazy, but these specific questions can determine who your soulmate will be and what their first name Read more starts with. Ready to take the quiz and finally reveal your soulmate’s initials? Take the quiz now! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Where is your favorite place to travel on vacation?

A. Museums/Historical sites

B. The beach

C. Hiking/Camping

D. Too see family

2. Which month is your birthday in?

A. January, April or July

B. September, December or February

C. March, June or November

D. May, August or October

3. Which of these cars would you most want to own?

A. Sports car

B. Luxury car

C. Pickup truck


4. What is your favorite type of movie?

A. Horror

B. Documentary/Biography

C. Comedy

D. Action

5. Which is your favorite of these animals?

A. Lion/Tiger

B. Zebra

C. Giraffe

D. Elephant

6. Which word describes you best?

A. Intelligent

B. Creative

C. Funny

D. Emotional

7. What is your favorite color out of these?

A. Blue

B. Orange

C. Pink

D. Green

8. What would you say is your best quality?

A. Attention to detail

B. Thinking outside the box

C. Honesty

D. Kind

9. What would you say is your worst quality?

A. Too rigid

B. Being on time/Time management

C. Letting people walk all over me

D. Anger/Temper

10. What is your favorite food of these?

A. Steak

B. Pizza

C. Pasta

D. Fish

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