Do I Have Daddy Issues Quiz

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Do I Have Daddy Issues Quiz
Daddy issues can be the butt of some stereotypical jokes, but they are also a real thing. Daddy issues are mostly patterns that are formed by unresolved problems with a father figure. And daddy issues are not just for women! If you find these issues interfering with your happiness or relationship, seek help from a therapist or community mental health clinic. Take this quiz and find out if you have daddy issues.

Questions Excerpt

1. How would you describe your father?

A. Caring

B. Absent

C. Mean

D. Needy

2. What do you look for in a relationship?

A. Someone to complete me, the perfect partner

B. Someone who makes me the best version of myself

C. No one can really measure up

D. Intimacy without the baggage

3. Do you administer tests before you trust someone?

A. Yes, how else can I tell if they care

B. No, because no one is worth it

C. No, that’s not how trust works

D. Sometimes I do, but I never get far enough that it matters

4. Do you jump from relationship to relationship?

A. If you mean from fling to fling, yes.

B. Yes, though sometimes I can get hung up on my last one and why they left me

C. No, I’d rather be on my own and not get deeply involved with anyone

D. I’ve had some relationships but also plenty of time alone

5. What do you most fear in a relationship?

A. Not ever being good enough for the relationship I would like to have

B. Relying on someone else

C. My partner could leave me at any time

D. It depends on the relationship and the person

6. Your partner is away on a trip; how do you feel?

A. Nervous, what if they cheat on me

B. Fine, I miss them, though.

C. Great, better to be alone

D. Like maybe I should move on if they are fine going away for a while

7. You and your partner are fighting, how do you react?

A. I don’t need them, so I leave

B. People let you down; this is just another sign this one is not for me.

C. I beg them to tell me they love me and try to show how much I love them

D. Well, we are fighting so I am mad, but I know we will find a way through it

8. Do you see a pattern in your relationships?

A. What relationships?

B. They end quickly; there’s always something wrong

C. Well, I think given enough thought, you can find a pattern anywhere?

D. I don’t think that I have ever been with a partner who really loved me

9. What is the most common phrase your partner or past partners uses to describe you in a fight?

A. Clingy or jealous

B. Aloof or distant

C. Nitpicky or withdrawn

D. I suppose sometimes they call me stubborn?

10. How would you describe yourself in a relationship?

A. Independent if I am in one

B. A bit dramatic and cautious

C. Very expressive and idealistic about my partner

D. Caring and secure

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