Quiz: How Promiscuous Are You?

10 Questions
Quiz: How Promiscuous Are You?

Curious about your romantic tendencies? Take this insightful 10-question How Promiscuous Are You Quiz to discover where you stand on the promiscuity spectrum. Uncover your balance between emotional connection and physical desires, while navigating through various scenarios. Let's embark on this journey of self-discovery today!

Questions Excerpt

1. How many serious romantic relationships have you had?

A. More than I can count

B. A few, I prefer long-term relationships

C. One or none, I'm very selective

2. How comfortable are you with one-night stands?

A. Very comfortable, I see nothing wrong with it

B. It depends on the situation and the person

C. Not comfortable at all, I need an emotional connection

3. How quickly do you usually become physically intimate with someone?

A. Immediately or after a few dates

B. It varies, depending on how I feel about the person

C. Only after we've developed a strong emotional bond

4. How do you feel about open relationships?

A. I'm open to it

B. It could work with the right communication and boundaries

C. I prefer monogamy

5. How important is physical intimacy in your relationships?

A. It's very important, perhaps more so than emotional connection

B. It's equally as important as emotional connection

C. Emotional connection comes first, physical intimacy follows

6. How often do you flirt with people outside of a committed relationship?

A. Frequently, I enjoy the attention

B. Occasionally, when the mood strikes

C. Rarely or never, I focus on my partner

7. How many partners are too many?

A. There's no such thing as too many

B. It depends on the individual's personal comfort and safety

C. Anything more than a few over a lifetime seems excessive

8. Do you believe in love at first sight?

A. No, but I believe in lust at first sight

B. I'm not sure, but anything's possible

C. Yes, I believe in deep, instant connections

9. What's your opinion on dating apps?

A. I love them, they're great for meeting new people

B. They're okay, but not my preferred way of meeting someone

C. I'm not a fan, I prefer more traditional methods

10. How would you feel if your partner suggested a threesome?

A. Excited and open to the idea

B. Uncertain, it would depend on the circumstances

C. Uncomfortable, I prefer one-on-one intimacy

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