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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 70 | Updated: Mar 29, 2023
 Is Our Relationship Just Physical Quiz?

Do you like someone, but don't want it to be just about the physical attraction? 

If you are interested in someone but you don't want your relationship to be based solely on physical attraction, you may find it challenging to navigate. Relationships can be complex enough without the added worry of not having a psychological connection with your partner.

Take the "Is our relationship just physical quiz" and find out. 

Remember that relationships are multifaceted and take time, effort, and open communication to develop and maintain. 

While physical attraction is an essential aspect of a romantic relationship, it should not be the only foundation. Building a strong emotional connection with your partner can enhance your relationship and make it more fulfilling in the long run.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you confide in each other about your problems?

A. Yes, of course

B. It depends on

C. To be honest, no

2. How do you feel when you look at your partner?

A. Having passionate sex with them

B. Feeling invisible and not taken seriously

C. I feel so lucky to have them in my life

3. My partner is with me because he or she loves me for my ...

A. My soul

B. My body

C. My soul and my body

4. What would your partner do to help you feel better when you're upset?

A. Tells me to be quiet and stop complaining so much, but I know that's just their way of showing concern

B. Gives me a hug, holds me close, and reassures me that everything will be okay

C. Tries to kiss me when I'm upset, and tells me I look sexy when I'm angry

5. Most of the time, our sex life feels like-

A. Amazing

B. Pretty okay, but not too exciting

C. An emotional connection that's very close and personal

6. Compared to my ex-partner, my current partner is more...

A. Open-minded

B. Passionate

C. Caring

7. What would your partner do when you talk about your own feelings?

A. Would gaze into my eyes and tell me how attractive I am when I am being serious

B. Would listen to me, and ask questions to make sure they understand what I'm saying

C. Would probably try to cheer me up by telling me a story or joke

8. Are you and your partner planning to take the next step in your relationship?

A. We do not talk on this

B. At least I do

C. Yes of course

9. How would your partner react if you suggested taking a break from sex for a while?

A. My partner would probably be confused

B. My partner would get mad indeed

C. My partner would be totally cool with it. They're not really a sex person, and they'd rather spend time together doing other things

10. Do you enjoy being hugged by your partner in front of other people?

A. I'd say yes. I think it's a great way to show affection and support

B. I'm not a huge fan of public displays of affection, but if my partner wants to hug me in front of other people, I'll be happy to let them

C. I like a good hug, I'm a huge fan of being touched in public

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