What Is Your Fetish Quiz

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What Is Your Fetish Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. If you're attracted to a person, what do you find attractive about them?

A. They somewhat resemble me

B. His/her look is cool, he/she has trendy accessories

C. She/he has a great body

2. You've just found out that your friend is celebrating his or her birthday. What would you like to give as a present?

A. A picture of me, as a keepsake

B. A fine bag or wallet

C. A stylish hoodle

3. What are the things you pay attention to when dating someone?

A. To the clothes of my partner

B. To my partner's body

C. To my reflection in the mirror

4. Which of these phrases best describes your style?

A. I like all the beautiful clothes

B. Everything fits me. Whatever I put on, I'm unmatched

C. It depends on my mood

5. How important is self-care?

A. Very much

B. No idea

C. I do not do self care

6. What do you value the most in life?

A. Love

B. Sex

C. Family

7. What is the most attractive thing you find in a person?

A. Eyes

B. Height

C. The way one talks

8. For your wedding anniversary or birthday, special day or any other important event, how would you like to be treated?

A. I always like surprises

B. With loads and loads of gifts

C. With warm and meaningful hugs

9. Suppose that you come to a shopping mall. Which place do you visit first?

A. To a store with awesome mannequins

B. I'll go to the first store and then to the fitting room

C. To a store with fine bags or shoes

10. Which of these colors is the most attractive one in your opinion?

A. Purple

B. Red

C. Black

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