Different Bed Positions to Make Married Sex Exciting

Indulge in Different Bed Positions to Make Married Sex Exciting

Have you ever wondered whether certain bed positions are a great choice in marriage? Interestingly, there are! For the skeptics out there, let’s be clear right away – the reason isn’t that wedding ring somehow makes your body function differently. Rather, when you are married to someone you cherish and feel safe with, sex becomes a wonderful way to show and enjoy your love. So, whether you’re seeking to spice up your lovemaking, or want to understand your sex life with your spouse better, here are some important points about sex and marriage, and a few positions you might want to try.

Sex and marriage – Is it different for married couples?

Unfortunately (or luckily), there is. The couples who just started dating look pretty much alike when it comes to their sex lives. Every or almost every date ends in exciting sex. The lunch breaks tend to become sex breaks. They rarely see the outside of their hotel rooms on holiday.

However, in marriage, things do change. Men easily compartmentalize, while women don’t. Women can hardly separate other issues and obligations from their sex life. If there are problems in the marriage of any sort, the husband won’t understand how they relate to lovemaking. On the other hand, the wife will usually feel utterly incapable of having sex until other issues have been resolved.

Why sex can be better in marriage

On the other hand, there is also good news. Sex in marriage can be the most fulfilling kind of sex you’d ever have. True, a one-night-stand might be the wildest and the most exciting thing you ever did. But, in marriage, every kiss and every move you make is also the demonstration of your commitment and love for your spouse. You can feel safe to experiment, you can share your wants, and you can choose sex as the demonstration of your affection.

Sex is a great way to enjoy the true intimacy of your marriage. It can be both gentle and beautiful, and wild and passionate. You can enjoy the healing power of sex after you’ve resolved your issues. And you can remind yourself of the times when you were dating. Sex, in itself, isn’t enough to make your relationship great. But it’s a great contribution to your marital happiness. As long as you’re both on the same page, you can’t go wrong.

Why sex can be better in marriage

The best bed positions for married couples

Yes, sex life in marriage can be different from what you were used to when you were dating. It could require a bit of effort to make it perfect, and a bit of commitment to finding the time for it. But, the good news is – in marriage, you get the safe space to explore your sexuality with your best friend and the love of your life. So, here are some tips on bed positions in marriage.

If you feel that you’d like to introduce some change into your sex life, start small. Browse some of the illustrated databases that feature hundreds (yes, there are hundreds, isn’t that great?) of variations. If you feel adventurous, you could try using some of your furniture to make g-spot stimulation possible, like the I’ll Be Back.

But, if that sounds like too much experimenting at the moment, start by spicing your favorites up. For example, the classic Missionary could be transformed into Grinding the Corn, in which clitoral stimulation is much more intense.

The best bed positions for married couples

For a dual stimulation for the wife, try Thighmaster. It is a position in which the woman sits on top of the husband, who lies on his back with one leg bent, facing away from him. By straddling the husband’s leg, the wife gets to rub her vulva against the man’s thigh as she pleases.

To add some excitement to your marriage, remember how you viewed your house while you were dating. Every place had a potential to become a love-making post. So, to return to these days, when your kids are out, interrupt the cooking for a quick session in which she sits on the kitchen counter, and the husband penetrates her while standing, known as the Kitchen Confidential.

Another great position is the very intimate Lap Dance. Here the husband sits on the edge of the bed, or a chair, while the wife sits on top of him, facing each other. This position allows for the true marital intimacy but has a potential of being extremely exciting as well. Just experiment with the depth and the speed of penetration. Whatever you do, transform your love into sexual energy, and you’re guaranteed a great time in bed!

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