Does Your Husband Not Share His Emotional Side With You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 266
Does Your Husband Not Share His Emotional Side With You?
Men are well-known for not revealing their emotions. For centuries, our society has been teaching them that boys don’t cry and that they should hide they soft side. The truth is men are just as sensitive as women – imagine how hard it can be for your husband to abstain from expressing his feelings all the time? Well, this is where you can help – by being a supportive and non-judgmental wife you can help him express his emotions every once in a while and improve his well-being. This quiz will reveal if you are nice enough to your husband to encourage him to express his feminine side!

Questions Excerpt

1. Your husband tells you about the saddest moment in his childhood. What is your reaction?

A. Listen carefully and throw in a couple of words of support

B. Send him to the therapist

C. Pretend to listen

D. Laugh at the way he cried when his hamster died

2. One late night, your husband decides to open up to you and tell you some of his secrets. What is your reaction?

A. I am all eyes and ears

B. I listen to them even if I am sleepy

C. I ask him to postpone the discussion for the next day

D. Pretend to listen and turn on the other side

3. You notice something is bugging your husband. What do you do?

A. Spend more time with him hoping he will open up

B. Ask him if he has anything to tell me

C. Reassure him of my affection and ask him to talk about his issues

D. Prompt him to speak immediately

4. Have you ever criticized your husband’s disclosures?

A. Never

B. Maybe once

C. Sometimes

D. Every time

5. Your husband won’t open up to you. What do you do?

A. Find emotional comfort somewhere else

B. Tell him I am unhappy with the situation

C. Give him the cold shoulder

D. Use nagging and crying to make him speak

6. Why do you think he is unable to express his emotions?

A. Male brains are wired differently than women's

B. Maybe we are not compatible

C. He is just stubborn

D. He is hiding something

7. Do you feel the need to fix your husband when he shares his vulnerability with you?

A. Absolutely not

B. Sometimes

C. Often

D. Always

8. Did you make him feel ridiculed after expressing his emotions?

A. Never

B. Maybe once

C. A few times

D. Many times

9. Your son is crying because he was bullied at school. What do you say to him?

A. I know you are upset and we will find a solution to this

B. It will be all fine

C. Talk about this with your teacher, I can't help you

D. Man up and kick their butts! Don't be such a crybaby!

10. How often do you say “We need to talk”?

A. Never, I dislike this phrase

B. Rarely

C. Occasionally

D. Quite often lately

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