Sex Quotes

Sex establishes deep physical and emotional bond between couples. Ignite passion in your relationship, read these quotes on sex and get closer to your partner.

Passionate sex is great. a passionate marriage filled with passionate sex…So much better
Intimacy is something to be cherished, not something to be afraid of!
Chocolate and sex help your body release endorphins. Don't have a sweet tooth? Make peace with the latter!
Reckless kids in car back seats cause accidents, accidents in car back seats result in kids!
Do not relegate sex to a mechanical act, celebrate it is a continuum of attraction between you and your partner.
Respect Me. Adore Me. Dominate Me
When the Kiss Is so Good That You End up Having Sex.
When You Want to Go for Round Two, Three... and Four.. Because You Can't Get Enough.
Screw Stress Have Sex.
Come closer, until I no longer know where I end and you begin.
I Love My Dirty Mind It Keeps Me Occupied.
Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. Want to workout?

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